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September 9, 2010

Re: Florida Pastor Recants But Ground Zero Imam Threatens Violence (Updated)

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Update: Florida pastor says imam lied to him about Ground Zero mosque deal:

Original post
If this doesn't make you fist-slamming, foot-stomping, mad as hell, nothing will. This guy planning to build a mosque must think Americans are total fools and a nation of cowards. His latest insult to American's intelligence is to claim it's a necessity to build his damned mosque just two blocks from Ground Zero - because it's a matter of national security - it would put American citizens in danger of violence at the hands of radical Muslims all over the world (you know, that so-called "tiny minority" that don't realize Islam is suppose to be a "religion of peace."

As Rich Swier notes over at Red County, an amazing sequence of events has occurred in the past 24 hours. First Pastor Terry Jones recants his decision to burn Qur'ans on 9/11. This is after the Obama administration, foreign political leaders, religious leaders and the main stream media blew this way out of proportion to its significance. Qur'ans are destroyed all of the time, by Muslims attacking and burning Mosques around the world. So why should this announcement by Pastor Jones with a congregation of fifty cause world leaders to condemn his actions? In one word - FEAR!

Every world leader, including President Obama, was driven by fear. What are they afraid of? Islam?

But why? Because Islam (unlike other religious faiths), unlike other world religions, has a long and bloody record of striking with deadly certainty those who they judge to have defiled their ideology. That is what is driving this global debate - FEAR OF ISLAM.

So has Islam won? Well here is a video of the Ground Zero Mosque Imam Rauf making a not so subtle threat that if he does not get his way the Muslim streets will rise up and attack Americans. Charles Krauthammer on Fox News called Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf's comments "blackmail".

Note that when this "self-proclaimed imam" says if the mosque doesn't go forward at Ground Zero, the reaction in the Muslim world will be that "the radicals have one." And who are the radicals that this phony imam (According to Irfan Al-Alawi, of the Center for Islamic Pluralism - Rauf possesses no recognized standing in the international Sufi network, and no known religious education that would justify him appointing himself an "imam." is referring to? The 68%+ of ordinary Ameican citizens that oppose the mosque. In other words, if we don't submit to radical Islam's point of view about the mosque - "we're" the radicals!

Rick goes on to ask two key questions:

So, what will be the reaction of President Obama now that Imam Rauf has issued this threat to our national security?

Will President Obama denounce it like he did the threat to burn Qur'ans by Pastor Jones? This is a provocation that demands we either submit to Rauf's wishes or Americans will die. Where will we draw the line in the sand and say enough is enough. Threats do not sit well with me and my guess with most Americans. You do not get your way by threatening our troops.

What will Secretary Gates, General Petraeus and other world leaders say?

Pastor Jones did the right thing. Now Imam Rauf is doing the wrong thing. He just came back from a tour of the Middle East, funded by you and me, and brings back this message? Is that what you and I paid for? Does Imam Rauf now speak for the Muslim street? He seems to think so. His message is clear - submit or blood will flow. This is not the message I want on the eve of 9/11.

Let's add another important question to Rick's short list. How will the American people react to Imam Rauf's threat? As a nation of cowards submitting to the threat of violence by a radical imam posing as a moderate, or as a nation of people that refuse to submit to our terrorist-coddling politicians and Islam?

The answer has serious consequences that could very well determine whether or not our nation can continue to resist Islamization and beat back threat of radical Islam.

Other coverage: Florida Koran burning cancelled because God intervened in the Ground Zero Mosque project (or something like that)

Posted by Abdul at September 9, 2010 8:31 PM

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