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September 15, 2010

NJ Transit Enforces Taliban's Strict Sharia Law: Fires Employee Who Burned a Qur'an

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As Pamela Geller aptly suggests, it's another nail in the coffin of free speech (via cowardly and purposeful submission to Islamic law).


Irregardless of whether you like what the man did or not (I happen to disagree with what he did - but only because it seems to me to be rather "un-Christian like"), our nation is, for now, a free country, and the man still has a right to free speech and expression. The action on the part of the N.J. Transit Authority is indeed an outrage and is an affront to all of us. This must go all the way to the Supreme Court if we're to we're to have a chance of stopping the relentless islamization of our society.

Via NY Daily News (credit for image): Koran burner Derek Fenton booted from his job at NJ Transit:

The protester who burned pages from the Koran outside a planned mosque near Ground Zero has been fired from NJTransit, sources and authorities said Tuesday.

Derek Fenton's 11-year career at the agency came to an abrupt halt Monday after photographs of him ripping pages from the Muslim holy book and setting them ablaze appeared in newspapers.

Fenton, 39, of Bloomingdale, N.J., burned the book during a protest on the ninth anniversary of Sept. 11 outside Park51, the controversial mosque slated to be built near Ground Zero.

He was apparently inspired by Pastor Terry Jones, the Florida clergyman who threatened to burn the Koran that day but later changed his mind.

NJ Transit said Fenton was fired but wouldn't give specifics.

"Mr. Fenton's public actions violated New Jersey Transit's code of ethics," an agency statement said.

"NJ Transit concluded that Mr. Fenton violated his trust as a state employee and therefore [he] was dismissed."

Fenton was ushered from the protests by police on Saturday and questioned, but he was released without charges.

"He said, 'This is America,' and he wanted to stand up for it, in a Tea Party kind of way," a police source said.

Another police source said Fenton described himself as a "loyal American" exercising his "right to protest."

(Emphasis added) Continue reading ...

The article goes on to point out that Fenton's neighbors are supportive of his actions and that a spokesman for the New York Civil Liberties Union notes that the Supreme Court has recognized a constitutional right to burn the flag, and as reprehensible (to him) as it may be, burning the Koran would be protected as well."

One is prone to ask here if Fenton had burned a bible, would the Transit Authority have fired him, but we all know the answer to such a question without having to ask it. No Christians would riot, no one would be beheaded, no property would be destroyed. So the one and only reason for the Transit Authority's action can be defined in a single word - FEAR. So, in other words, the NJTA's action begs the question - are we to forfeit one of our most treasured rights simply out of fear of Muslim reactions and appeasement of Muslim "sensitivities"? To do so is nothing less than submission to Islamic law.

This is not only a perfect test case for the First Amendment, it just may be our best chance to strike back at dhimmitude and the Islamization of our country. Borrowing a quote posted by Pamella Geller , we have this reminder:

"The principle of free speech is not concerned with the content of a man's speech and does not protect only the expression of good ideas, but all ideas. If it were otherwise, who would determine which ideas are good and where forbidden? The government?" -- Ayn Rand.

Posted by Abdul at September 15, 2010 11:30 AM

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