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September 24, 2010

Mystery computer super-virus 'targeted Iranian nuclear power station' (Who created Stuxnet?)

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Has Israel and/or the U.S. already attacked Iran?


The world's first cyber "super weapon" may have been designed to attack a nuclear power station in Iran - and the big question is who made it:

A computer virus called Stuxnet has been described as the most sophisticated 'worm' ever created and has already infected more than 45,000 networks worldwide.

A 'worm' is a type of computer virus that can reproduce by sending copies of itself to any PC that is connected to the infected machine.

Now internet security experts fear that Stuxnet, which was first detected in June, is the first 'worm' specifically created to target real-world infrastructure such as power stations and water plants.

And they say that it is so sophisticated that only a country with a high level of computer programming know-how would have been able to create it.

Many believe that it was designed to attack important industrial facilities in Iran including the Bushehr nuclear power plant which was originally due to open last month.

After it has hijacked a PC, Stuxnet looks for Siemens software that runs industrial control systems in facilities like factories and power plants.

It then launches an attack by reprogramming software to give any industrial machinery new, potentially dangerous, instructions.

It is capable of taking control of key processes and is able to set off a sequence that could cause the entire system to self-destruct, say experts.

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As for the source of Stuxnet, Richard Falkenrath, a principal at Chertoff Group and a Bloomberg Television contributing editor, explains that the worm targets Siemens AG software used to control industrial equipment and may be aimed at destroying Iran's controversial nuclear facility - and he "believes the most likely source" to be Israel (video).

HSNW is even more direct - saying outright that the Stuxnet worm is, in fact, a search-and-destroy cyber weapon, was meant to hit a single target -- Iran's Bushehr reactor - and that the maker is Israel.

Posted by Richard at September 24, 2010 3:04 PM

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