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September 24, 2010

Muslim Superheroes On the Way to Indoctrinate American Kids (Supported by Barack Obama)

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Family Security Matters has a disturbing piece on the latest mechanism to indoctrinate America's children - this time it's Muslim cartoons and toys - and it's being pushed by Barack Obama - who after only two years in office, seems to think he can dispense with two hundred years of historical precedent.

Here's a few excerpts to pique your interest:

[...] In the Islamic world, cartoons have a more sinister purpose. In Iran, on Al-Quds Day, Iranian TV schedules are filled with cartoons about evil Israelis with red eyes, shooting and murdering innocent doe-eyed Palestinians. For older kids, the heroes fight back, and even get martyred in the cause of Allah. Al-Quds day, named after the Arab term for Jerusalem and initiated by Ayatollah Khomeini in 1983, is a time for Iranian media to reinforce Holocaust denial and anti-Semitic propaganda.

Muslims comprise only one and a half percent of the American population, but be prepared for the latest exercise in Muslim propaganda and toy promotion - "The Ninety-Nine". This began life as a series of printed comic "super-hero" characters, each one representing one of the Ninety-Nine names of Allah.

The Ninety-Nine featured in printed monthly comic books, originally produced by Teshkeel Comics in Kuwait. This company had deals to publish Arabic versions of Marvel, DC and Archie comics. Now, the Ninety-Nine is on sale in North America, distributed by Diamond.

The Ninety-Nine is the brainchild of a Kuwaiti psychologist and entrepreneur, Dr Naif Al-Mutawa. He described how his desire to create the comic-book series emerged after hearing anti-Western hate from an imam at a mosque he attended:
As bad as Muslim indoctrination of our children on the part of a Muslim entrepreneur is, even worse is the fact that our 'Muslim outreach-in-Chief is actually shilling for it:
[...] no matter how edifying the comic books may be for Muslim families, it is bizarre to see the President of the United States endorsing such religiously-inspired products, because they upheld the "teachings and tolerance of Islam." The POTUS should normally be upholding the Establishment Clause of the Bill of Rights, and not be promoting a particular faith, but this president seems to think his desire to create good feelings in Muslims over-rides his need to abide by the First Amendment. The endorsement of Naif Al-Mutawa and The Ninety-Nine can be watched below:

Are we going to see ass-kicking Christian superhero nuns, called Faith, Hope and Charity, whooping sinner's butts and sending Satan into Hell? It is doubtful.

This disparity is one of the worst things affecting society at present. Christianity and Judaism do not get featured in mainstream media, but Islam is not only depicted in all strands of the media, it is being promoted by a president who seems to have forgotten what he swore to uphold when he entered office.
Take the time to read it all.

As FSM goes on to point out, if Obama can promote Islam, he should also publicly promote Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and every other faith. The fact that he does not is indeed a very worrying development in American politics - a development that only occured with Barack Obama - and one that begs the question of just where Barack Obama's allegiance lies - is it to America and its traditional values and culture - or is it to Islam.

Posted by Abdul at September 24, 2010 11:08 AM

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