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September 13, 2010

Hindu Human Rights Watch spokesman says "Never trust any politician who says Islam is religion of peace"

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According to Robert Spencer, the NYPD was adamant yesterday that the 9/11 Rally of Remembrance could not run over the allotted time for even one minute, and so unfortunately a couple of speakers who had been slated toward the end of the program were unable to speak, one of which was "the courageous" Satya Dosapati of Hindu Human Rights Watch.

Here's an few excerpts of his must-read prepared remarks (emphasis added):

[J]ust 9 years later we have forgotten the promises we made to these families. So much so that we are entertaining the thought of desecrating the final resting place of the loved ones of these families by building a mosque by the name of Cordoba House. We all know that Cordoba House symbolizes butchery of Christians in Spain and destruction of a Church only to be replaced by the 3rd largest Mosque in the world. What is happening to us as a people today that we are even debating this? As one wise philosopher once said, those who forget their history are condemned to relive it. Are we so carried away with liberalism that we do not have a moment to study the history and the serious threat we face today? We need to wake up and understand the threat of Islam to our country, our civilization and everything we have build our society upon. Let us not condemn our own children to relive the barbaric history.

[...] Let me tell you what happened to Hindus in India. It would be a grim reminder to all of us to what can happen if we are not vigilant. When Columbus set sail to distant land, the land he was looking for was India. India, like today's America, was very open and tolerant society, scientifically and materially advanced, and held 25% of world's GDP just until few centuries ago. India at that time included today's Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. But what happened to the great society was they gave into pacifism and liberalism.

[...] Just recently, Mahatma Gandhi's pacifism and liberalism resulted in the slaughter of millions of Hindus and in just 60 years a Muslim-majority country, Pakistan, literally wiped out 25% of its Hindu/Sikh population by kidnapping women and girls, raping the women and murdering the infidels and forcing conversions or evicting them. Actually, most of it was done in matter of few months. A Muslim-majority country, Bangladesh's genocide of Hindus caused their population decrease from 30% to less than 10% today, and the Islamic Government instituted laws that they have the right to take away infidel land any time.

What is happening in Hindu majority India? Muslims percentage increased from 7% to 15%. In just last few years, the number of terror deaths and terror incidents in India is next to Iraq. What happened on 9/11 was repeated on 26/11 in Mumbai. In India there was only one state where Muslims were a majority, that is Kashmir. Overnight 18 years ago, they drove away 350,000 Hindus under threat of violence and rape of women, they are still living as refugees in their own country in squalid camps. Now hear this. Just in the last 48 hours, as part of Ramadan celebrations, Muslims in the north eastern state of India, in the state of West Bengal, where Muslims are in larger percentage, have announced that they will rape every Hindu woman and girl, and started rampaging Hindu shops and homes. Indian Government has to call in the Army to control the situation.

This is the story we want to tell you millions of times, so that America as well as Europe never face the same situation by their preoccupation with liberalism. We do not want 100 years down the road somewhere in the world someone to talk about what happened to this great country. What is happening in the north eastern state of India today can very well happen in Michigan as the percentage of Muslims increase. What happened in Kashmir and various parts of India as Muslims increased in numbers will happen in many parts of this country. We are seeing this in the towns of Europe already....

Take the time to read it all ..., then think about the fact that already the Muslim population is 'rising 10 times faster than rest of society' in Britain, and that in Michigan Muslim high school students wear sweatshirts glorifying 9/11 jihad attacks, and how situations like these closely fit and substantiate Satya Dosapati's narrative..

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Posted by Abdul at September 13, 2010 10:35 AM

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