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September 14, 2010

ABC's George Stephanopoulos: Should Threat of Koran Burning Make Us Rethink First Amendment?

Topics: Political News and commentaries, Understanding Islam

Please tell me that George Stephanopoulos isn't suggesting that we should let the FEAR of violence by radical Islamists intimidate America into caving into what the Islamists have been wanting all along - for Americans to forfeit our treasured right to free speech and essentially adopt sharia law - and award Islam special treatment!

Unfortunately, it sure sounds like it (see video and transcript at link), and as frightening as the question itself is, even more frightening is liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer's response (essentially to shred the Constitution in order to placate foreign extremists).

This is exactly what Islamic organizations have been trying to get pushed through the UN and here in the U.S..

No need to ask Stephanopoulos if he'd ever have asked the same question about burning a bible - we all already know the answer.

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Posted by Richard at September 14, 2010 9:34 PM

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