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August 8, 2010

Muslim victim of 9/11 to supporters of Ground Zero Mosque: 'Build your mosque somewhere else'

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Neda Bolourchi, a Muslim born in pre-revolutionary Iran who now lives in Los Angeles, and whose mother was on United Flight 175 that Islamic terrorists slammed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center, has a must-read message for the supporters of the new Islamic cultural center (ground zero mosque): "Build your ideological monument somewhere else, far from her mother's grave, and let her rest."

Among her fears: "It would become a symbol of victory for militant Muslims around the world." and that "it will cultivate a fundamentalist version of the Muslim faith, embracing those who share such beliefs and hating those who do not."

Via the WaPo (emphasis added):

On the morning of Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001, I watched as terrorists slammed United Flight 175 into the South Tower of the World Trade Center, 18 minutes after their accomplices on another hijacked plane hit the North Tower. My mother was on the flight. I witnessed her murder on live television. I still cannot fully comprehend those images. In that moment, I died as well. I carry a hole in my heart that will never be filled.

From the first memorial ceremonies I attended at Ground Zero, I have always been moved by the site; it means something to be close to where my mother may be buried, it brings some peace. That is why the prospect of a mosque near Ground Zero -- or a church or a synagogue or any religious or nationalistic monument or symbol -- troubles me.

I was born in pre-revolutionary Iran. My family led a largely secular existence -- I did not attend a religious school, I never wore a headscarf -- but for us, as for anyone there, Islam was part of our heritage, our culture, our entire lives. Though I have nothing but contempt for the fanaticism that propelled the terrorists to carry out their murderous attacks on Sept. 11, I still have great respect for the faith. Yet, I worry that the construction of the Cordoba House Islamic cultural center near the World Trade Center site would not promote tolerance or understanding; I fear it would become a symbol of victory for militant Muslims around the world.

When I am asked about the people who murdered my mother, I try to hold back my anger. I try to have a more spiritual perspective. I tell myself that perhaps what happened was meant to happen -- that it was my mother's destiny to perish this way. I try to take solace in the notion that her death has forced a much-needed conversation and reevaluation of the role of religion in the Muslim community, of the duties and obligations that the faith imposes and of its impact on the non-Muslim world.

But a mosque near Ground Zero will not move this conversation forward. There were many mosques in the United States before Sept. 11; their mere existence did not bring cross-cultural understanding. The proposed center in New York may be heralded as a peace offering -- may genuinely seek to focus on "promoting integration, tolerance of difference and community cohesion through arts and culture," as its Web site declares -- but I fear that over time, it will cultivate a fundamentalist version of the Muslim faith, embracing those who share such beliefs and hating those who do not.

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Meanwhile, we are now learning that the Imam who said there would be no foreign funding on the mega mosque 600 feet from Ground Zero, was in Malaysia, home to the Perdana Organization, of which he is a prominent member. The Perdana Organization was the single largest financier of the Islamic terror group IHH. And now has embarked on a tour of
Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Qatar for Ground Zero Mosque Money - most of which are the homelands of the Muslim terrorists that brought down the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and the intended target of the Capital building (or White House) save those brave Americans. on flight 93. And to make the matter even worse, he's traveling courtesy of the U.S. State Department.

Posted by Abdul at August 8, 2010 10:35 AM

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