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August 17, 2010

National Council of Churches 'Calls for the tolerant to be even more tolerant of the intolerant'

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The leftist, liberal-progressive, National Council of Churches is ginning up some expected faux Leftist indignation at Americans who oppose the Ground Zero Victory Mosque:

WASHINGTON, Aug. 17 /Christian Newswire -- Led by the National Council of Churches (NCC), the Religious Left is backing the proposed Ground Zero Islamic center while denouncing the mosque's skeptics as "hateful."

The statement endorsed by 40 religious voices is comprised of top NCC officials, left-wing Catholics, Muslim groups, and mostly second-tier Jewish groups, plus J Street. Not listed are mainline Protestant clerics, Eastern Orthodox, and prominent liberal Jewish voices typically found on NCC-organized political statements. No prominent evangelicals are signatories.

No real surprise here. As noted at Discover the Networks, the National council of Churches is the largest coalition of leftist religious denominations in the United States, has a long record of financial support for Communist regimes, is an advocate of "liberation theology" (think Jeremiah Wright - Barack Obama's preacher for 20 years), was a signatory to a November 1, 2001 document characterizing the 9/11 terrorist attacks as a legal matter to be addressed by criminal-justice procedures rather than military reprisals, has insisted that an acceptance of the radical environmentalist movement's assertions about global warming ought to be made a "litmus test for the faith community," and has a much stronger interest in addressing social and left-leaning political issues than Christianity and the gospel of Christ.

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Posted by Richard at August 17, 2010 11:26 AM

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