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August 11, 2010

Texas Ranches Seized by Drug Cartel ?

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Despite the original story by Kimberly Dvorak of the San Diego Examiner being labeled a "lie" and worse by members of the Pro-Amnesty crowd , the story appears to have now not only been confirmed, but there is significant evidence of a police cover-up:

[...] After 16 days of denials by Laredo law enforcement and local officials regarding a Mexican drug cartel takeover of a Laredo area ranch, a Texas police blotter proves the alleged incident did in fact happen and that multiple agencies responded to the scene of a seized U.S. ranch.

[...] Cartels have crossed the sovereign borders of the United States causing multiple agencies to respond and the end result was a media blackout.

Dan Amato has much more and writes of Evidence Released Showing A National Political Cover-up Of Los Zetas Ranch Seizures

I don't want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but if this story is true, just how high does this thing go? Why would Laredo law enforcement go on television and say what they knew at the time was a complete lie, if it was? And as Maggie Thornton aptly notes over at Maggies Notebook, if it is true, police have the right or authority to lie to citizens about violence inside the country?

This video by Dan Amato at Diggers Realm provides a qucik summary of the story (Laredo law enforcement's press conference is included):

Posted by Richard at August 11, 2010 7:21 AM

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