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July 28, 2010

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron - Expert On Islam Who Knows More About It Than It's Clerics

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Robert Spencer, on U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron's endorsement of Turkish membership of the EU while in Turkey yesterday, and Cameron's joining the "very long line of Western politicians who assume that Islam and the Qur'an are fundamentally peaceful":

So on the one hand we have pious Muslims, including many Islamic clerics, insisting and explaining that Islam mandates warfare against and the subjugation of unbelievers; on the other hand, we have non-Muslim politicians who have probably never opened a Qur'an, and maybe even never seen one up close, insisting without explanation that Islam mandates peaceful coexistence with unbelievers and mutual respect. Behind them are a small number of high profile Muslim spokesmen, ranging from smooth deceivers with Brotherhood ties who talk peace out of one side of their mouths and jihad out of the other, and some sincere reformers with eccentric theologies and minuscule followings among Muslims.
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As bad as Cameron's incredibly ignorant endorsement of Islam as a "peaceful" religion when pious Muslims and their clerics clearly say otherwise, there's all those other lies that David Frum points out:

The slap at Israel was bad - the failure to condemn the Hamas government in Gaza even worse - but the real evil in British Prime Minister David Cameron's speech in Ankara was the way in which it fed Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's delusions of grandeur.

"Turkey is a great NATO ally and Turkey shares our determination to fight terrorism in all its forms, whether from al-Qaeda or from the PKK."

"Which European country could have the greatest possible chance of persuading Iran to change its course on nuclear policy? Tabii ki Turkiye."

"No other country has the same potential to build understanding between Israel and the Arab world."

"But as, hopefully, we move in the coming weeks to direct talks between Israel and the Palestinians so it's Turkey that can make the case for peace and Turkey that can help to press the parties to come together, and point the way to a just and viable solution."

As Frum goes on to note in his piece, none of these statements are true, and its a good thing that diplomatic speeches aren't delivered under oath: .
Turkey is not determined to fight terrorism in all its forms, not when it is sending flotillas to support Hamas. Germany and Russia are European countries with much more important trade and strategic relationships with Iran. Egypt has much greater potential to build bridges with Israel than Turkey, a country still mistrusted by many in the Arab world it once ruled. Turkey cannot help press Israel and the Palestinians together, because Turkey has forfeited almost all its credibility with Israel by its recent behavior.
Perhaps the one and only consolation to the Brits for their Prime Minister's outlandishly ridiculous and dhimmitudious behavior, is that at least ther Prime Minister's behavior wasn't as outlandishly ridiculous and clueless as Barack Obama's wooing of the Muslims when he visited Turkey.- when he all but bowed down to them and kissed their feet (the Turkish media was so wowed by Obama's wooing of Muslims that they constantly used Obama's middle name - Hussein).

Related: Ed West asks at the Telegraph: "Who is David Cameron to say what the 'real Islam' is?"

Posted by Richard at July 28, 2010 9:35 AM

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