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July 30, 2010

That leaked Amnesty memo ...

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues, Political News and commentaries

... that NRO pointed out yesterday is going the rounds of Capitol Hill and making its way around the blogosphere and the media.

If Barack Hussein believes that any form of amnesty for illegal aliens before the border is locked up tight will pass muster with the American people, he's just not thinking straight or with the American people in mind. Furthermore, to do so not by an Act of Congress, but by Presidential fiat, is disastrous politically, which means that our far-left Ideologue-in-Chief cares only about radically "transforming America" and building a massive liberal voting bloc of Latino voters in an effort to insure a permanent Democrat majority in control of government.

Chicago-style politics hard at work in the WH. We don't have to imagine what would happen on our borders if we created an amnesty program before we secured our borders. The mad rush of illegals across our border would be like a massive rush of water through a busted dam.

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Posted by Richard at July 30, 2010 7:49 AM

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