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July 29, 2010

Scrappleface: Obama Orders End to ID Checks at White House (Satire)

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Remember folks, this is satire - it ain't real news. It just sounds like it should be, given Judge Susan Bolten's mindless decision on the Arizona law.

From Scappleface:

(2010-07-29) -- Admitting there's no way to ask a visitor for identification without treating him like a criminal, President Obama today lifted the requirement that Secret Service, military and police personnel assigned to the White House be required to establish a visitor's threat status before granting admittance.

The move comes just a day after a federal judge, at the president's request, overturned parts of Arizona's effort to enforce federal immigration law, including requirements on law enforcers to establish immigration status of alleged perpetrators, and on immigrants to carry documents to verify that status.

Mr. Obama said that the process, which critics defend as a way to prevent dangerous people from getting close the president and his staff, is merely another form of discrimination.

Read the rest here (and yes, you guessed it. He goes on to blame Bush)

Also, don't forget to read about Eric Holder's new border plan that involves requiring the federal government to "buy a fleet of GM pickup trucks that we'll use to haul undocumented workers from various gathering places" and generat(ing) identification papers for them (illegal aliens) on the spot, which we'll then check for authenticity." (Satire)

Posted by Richard at July 29, 2010 2:25 PM

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