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July 6, 2010

More On NASA and the Muslim World

Topics: Political News and commentaries, Understanding Islam

As Rich Lowry aptly suggests, it's highly unlikely that Obama's NASA Chief Charles Bolden will be consulting Bernard Lewis for his outreach to the Muslim world, or if so, only very selectively. In What Went Wrong?, Lewis writes of the key role of the Middle East in the rise of science in the Middle Ages, before things went wrong.

As for what went wrong, it can be blamed on Islam. From the Middle Ages on, scientific movement advanced enormously in the era of the Renaissance, the Discoveries, the technological revolution, and the vast changes, both intellectual and material, that preceded, accompanied, and followed them. However, in the Muslim world, independent inquiry virtually came to an end. More on this, here.

In other words, there may be good reason for the Muslim world to lack self-esteem, but it's not our responsibility or job to improve it; and it's damn well not appropriate for Obama to spend American taxpayer dollars to attempt to do so. And furthermore, for Barack Obama to assign NASA the responsibility of enhancing the self-esteem of the Muslim world is sheer lunacy. It provides strong reason to question Barack Obama's agenda and his vision for America's continued greatness.

Striking is the fact that NASA has always been about space exploration, and of the top three things Bolden was charged with accomplishing, anything having to do with space exploration didn't even make it to the list. And two of three had do with the Muslim world - nothing of which has anything remotely to do with America's space program.

Related: To get a handle on just how ridiculous Bolden's new mission for NASA is, watch this Al-Jazeera segment in which he provides a non-accomplishment, touchy-feely, moonbat definition of what he thinks NASA's purpose is:

Posted by Richard at July 6, 2010 12:35 PM

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