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July 26, 2010

Michelle Obama to vacation in Spain

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The First Lady will be vacationing in Spain on a "private visit" with friends (emphasis added):

Michelle Obama has reserved about 30 rooms for herself and her daughter, their friends and bodyguards at a five-star hotel in Benahavis near Marbella, hotel sources said
Since this is a "private visit," can we then expect the Obama's to be picking up the tab, of is this yet another one of the Obama's flings at taxpayer expense?

We all know better - it'll be us taxpayers picking up the tab. We can rest assured Michelle will find a way to make it one of those "official visits." And she won't be flying commercial - likely Air Force Two, which costs close to $70,000 an hour to fly (assuming it costs about the same as Air Force One).

This is the wife of the president that tells ABC that his family is not that far removed from what most Americans are going through right now; the same guy that blew $70,000 on their date night in New York City last year.

When's the last time you vacationed in Spain and reserved 30 rooms for yourself, your family, and friends; and let's not forget about all those bodyguards.

Other coverage (with highly applicable illustration): Pamela Geller reminds us It's Good To Be King (and Queen) - noting that the 5-day trip to Spain follows a weekend on FL's Gulf Coast, which precedes a 10-day vacation on Martha's Vineyard...

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Posted by Richard at July 26, 2010 3:42 PM

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