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July 2010

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July 31, 2010

Democratic leaders, donors to hold Rangel birthday bash at The Plaza
Re: 'DC's Failures Reason for Obama Attempts to Control Internet?'

July 30, 2010

The Real Reason H.R. 847 Was Defeated (Truth Behind Anthony Weiner's Rant)
Congressman Anthony Weiner Flips Out On House Floor (Video)
GDP Down (most sluggish showing in nearly a year)
GAO Report: Some Mexican Drug Traffickers "Specialize" in Smuggling Aliens From Countries With Ties to Terrorism Into the U.S.
Obama's 'Quiet Education Overhaul' Screams For Our Attention
William Galston: 'Shifting Political Ideologies Threaten the Democrats'
Government's Own Data: 'Stimulus' Did Not Stimulate
Much more to the Sherrod story than meets the eye
NYT: Obama Breaking a Promise on Surveillance
Report: Calcium supplements may raise risk of heart attack and stroke
That leaked Amnesty memo ...
Fake Michigan Tea Party is a Democrat dirty trick fronted by a union hack organized to defeat insurgent Republicans

July 29, 2010

Obama's Plan For Amnesty That Would Circumvent Congress
Scrappleface: Obama Orders End to ID Checks at White House (Satire)
Illegal Immigration Cost Arizona Taxpayers $1.3 Billion A Year
Shirley Sherrod Will Sue Andrew Breitbart (Updated)
Republican Party of Virginia Ad:

July 28, 2010

John McCain: Unions trying to legalize, recruit illegal immigrants
Shocker: White House Given Wikileaks Docs Two Weeks In Advance
A Quick Visual Primer of Obamacare
Judge blocks parts of Arizona immigration law
Victor Davis Hanson on Obama's real problem
Right Movement - Wrong Slogan?
Credit Cards - Take From Poor, Give to the Rich?
U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron - Expert On Islam Who Knows More About It Than It's Clerics

July 27, 2010

A Damn Good Ad From The RGA - '14 Weeks'
Elton John's Choice Words For Musicians Boycotting Arizona
Sherrod's Job Offer
Video: Unlikely Skeptic: A Liberal Environmentalist challenges Global Warming Theory
Rasmussen's 'Passion Index': Obama at -20
Re: 'The fundamental transformation of America - Revised for 2010'

July 26, 2010

Michelle Obama to vacation in Spain
Inmates let out of prison by Mexican guards to commit massacres
Why is racism now a hot topic?
Obama plans 'permanent occupation' of Gulf - for political effect
Obama's Lockerbie Problem (Updated)
'His' view only, none other tolerated

July 25, 2010

Britain beginning to leave the health care system that America is now headed for

July 24, 2010

Hope and change done gone and went
Video: Obama as a stand-up comedian
Another consequence of Obamacare: insurers stop writing policies for kids
Meet Ground Zero Mosque Imam's Muslim Brotherhood Friends
Obama's DOJ Voting Section Allowing Blockage of Military Ballots
Alan West Must Win

July 23, 2010

How The GOP Could Kill Health Reform Without Repealing It
Gallup poll: Confidence in Congress Drops to 11%
EFCA Means More Unions And Fewer Jobs
Jihadists among us
Spin as they may - the Dems still remain in trouble
Sherrod and the race debate (Updated)
Re: Indian-Americans and the GOP

July 22, 2010

Video ad: "No Mosque at Ground Zero"
Forida Senate Race: Rubio-Crist Still A Toss-Up
Idiot Alert: Harry Reid Says Auto Bailout Probably Saved Ford
A'Well-Reasoned View' On Sherrod
USAID report: WH Spent $23M of Taxpayer Money to Back Kenyan Constitution That Legalizes Abortion

July 21, 2010

Uh oh, Gallup caught lying?
The Only Job You Can Trust Charlie Crist To Fight For ...
Re: 'Liberal journalists suggest government shut down Fox News'
Some California civil servants making close to $1 million per year
2,315 Pages of disaster for small businesses
Border Control: The Spot-and-Shoot Game
Hope n' Change Through The Lens Of The Yellowed Pages

July 20, 2010

Nanny state update: Big Brother Bans BFFs
Fox News: Mexican Women Help Afghans Go AWOL From Texas Air Base
Re: The strange Graham-Kagan dance
Daily Caller 'scoop': Media Liberals on 'JournoList' Plotted to Bury the Jeremiah Wright Story in 2008
Video: Indiana Planned Parenthood Caught On Tape Giving Fabricated Medical Information About Abortion

July 19, 2010

Video proof NAACP awards racism
Face-covering Islamic veil banned in - Syria?
Re: Morning Bell: What's Attorney General Holder Hiding?
Government Inspector Says Obama Acted Irrationally in Closing Auto Dealerships
23 percent
Jobs 'shuffled' vs. 'created'
Elites happy in DC under Obama

July 18, 2010

Video: Women, know your limits (Satire)
Another state to fund abortions under Obamacare

July 17, 2010

Obama Taking Credit For Oil Cap?

July 16, 2010

Must Watch Video: Incredible Invasion By Illegals And Drug Smugglers
List Of Illegals Came From Utah Foodstamp, Public Benefits Database
'On the verge of a really, really bad breach of state secrets'
Must Be That It's The Progressive Limbic Brain That's Inherently Racist
Stupid and uninformed
Massachusetts legislature increases funding for homosexual programs in public schools

July 15, 2010

No Media Outcry as Dems Block Amendment to Open Up Gulf Oil Cleanup to Press
Re: There Really Is a Racist Scandal at the Justice Department
The WSJ On The White House's Three Million Imaginary Jobs
About that promise of Obamacare not funding abortions ...
2012 Match Ups Look Bleak For Obama
2.5 Million Muslims Threaten to Leave Facebook
Warmists Examined

July 14, 2010

Obamaspeak and the psychology of recession
Obama Sidesteps Law to Halt Domestic Energy Production. Twice.
President of the Universal African Peoples Organization: "It's OK to Call Ken Gladney an Uncle Tom... Most People Would Agree" (Video)
Obama, Beware of Phase Two
Re: He's Playing You
National suicide alert: Obama plans to cut up to 40 percent of U.S. nukes

July 13, 2010

Must watch video: Megyn Kelly take down of Kirsten Powers
Fox News Radio: Obama supports kindergarten sexual education
Obama launches new web site spinning WH's ''Quick" response to Gulf oil spill
Sometimes the sky really does fall
Andrew Bostom: 'John Brennen: Witless for the defense
Cartoonist mocks war hero Nick Popaditch: A teachable moment - or send the bastard to Afghanistan?

July 12, 2010

Re: NAACP channeling Saul Alinksy in attempts to smear Tea Party movement
Bloomberg willing to turn a blind eye to a supporter of Islamic terrorism?
House Democrat Ciro Rodriguez: "If you want a dialogue in a civil manner, don't say that I'm not saying the truth!" (As he slams paper on table) (Updated)
Re: Newsweek Bombshell: 'Environment No Longer a Surefire Political Winner'
Obama and Petraeus differ on Islam
Rubio ad: Crist for it before he was against it
Our Next Threat - Global Cooling?
Terror experts blast Obama administration: Ignore the role of Islamic extremism at the peril of the country

July 11, 2010

Shocking Documentary Of Obama Campaign's Voter Fraud and Intimidation in '08

July 9, 2010

Krauthammer on Obama's 'selective modesty'
In the "You can't make this stuff up" department ...
Sharron Angle Ad: 'It's the Economy Stupid'
55% of Likely Voters: 'Socialist' An Accurate Description of Obama
New Black Panther Leader Shabazz: ''I wouldn't focus on the babies ... I'd focus on the police''

July 8, 2010

Sheriff who denied applicant a concealed carry permit ordered by court to take first amendment class
10 Russian spies for 4 Americans
$750,000 for 1.5 Jobs
Top Obama Econ Adviser Summers: Nancy Pelosi is a complete nincompoop
A quick history of unemployment since 1995
Eric Holder's DOJ crony Tony West leading SB1070 challenge represented Muslim terrorists in court
Surprise: Dodd-Frank Financial Bill Imposes Racial And Gender Quotas
Enforcing immigration law OK for Rhode Island - but not for Arizona?

July 7, 2010

Game Theory and negotiations with Arab countries: The Blackmailer Paradox (Updated)
New Rubio Web Ad Hits Crist Caucus Question
Rasmussen: Most Americans Not Willing To Pay Higher Taxes For Public Employees, Entitlement Programs
New Black Panther Party defendant: ''You're going to have to kill some crackers. You're going to have to kill their babies''
Must Watch Video: Former UN Ambassador John Bolton - 'Arab Countries Would Support Attack On Iran'
Gallop Poll: Obama Approval Among Independents Tanks to 38 Percent

July 6, 2010

Get Ready For The Largest Tax Hikes in History
McCain On Illegal Immigrants: "No Amnesty ... Many Of Them Need To Be Sent Back"
Re: Are you a Democrat, a Republican, or a Redneck?
Mexico foils Hezbollah attempt to establish South American network
More On NASA and the Muslim World
Have you noticed Google's home page today?
Former Chicago Machine Insider Issues Warning to Sharron Angle Campaign (Applies Equally to All GOP Candidates)
Never Mind The New Black Panther Case?

July 5, 2010

Good News: Spending Cuts And No Tax Hikes
Sharia Law For Infidels (Non-Muslims)
(Video) Krysta Branch: I Am America
Liberal-Progressive Magazine Editor Hates Fourth of July - Says Patriotism Leads to Fascism
Remember The 'Dying' Lockerbie Bomber That Only Had Months To Live?
Just Before 4th of July Holiday Weekend, Congress "Deemed Faux $1.1 Trillion Budget as Passed"
Muslims chop off hands of Christian professor who put "defamatory" question on exam
Afghanistan's Ambassador To Obama: 'Hey, This TimelIne Thing Really Sucks'
Barack Obama's NASA Chief Charged With ''Making Muslims 'Feel Good' About Themselves'' (Updated)

July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday America

July 2, 2010

State of California to pay $20M to woman held captive 18 years by parolee
Obamacare - 'Hope and Change' or 'Bait and Switch'?
Another terrorist tie to Obama White House
Dr. Richard L. Rubenstein On "What Obama Really Wants"
Re: Assimilation and the Founding Fathers

July 1, 2010

Fox News: Race Was Reason AG Eric Holder Dropped Black Panther Case (Updated with Video of Bartle Bull Interview)
European Rights Agency Deems Christian Views on Homosexuality As "Hate Speech"
New Zealand as the canary in the coal mine for Obama's cap-and-trade
Democrats Deny Republicans Funding for Gulf Visit