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June 16, 2010

'Time to plug holes, not raise taxes'

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That's Vince Haley's take-home message in his interesting and informative read over at NRO titled, "Obama's Gulf Coast Tax Hike."

Here's a few excerpts:

[...] Last night ... 57 days after an oil-rig explosion triggered an uncontrolled deep-water oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico -- President Obama spoke to the nation about his administration's efforts to address the crisis. After offering two short paragraphs to explain what is being done to stop the leak, Obama devoted most of his speech to explaining why now is the time to dramatically and permanently raise the cost of gasoline, diesel, and electricity for every American.

[...] The proposal, which Obama is urging upon the Senate, is for cap-and-trade energy taxes. It has nothing to do with plugging the hole, but Obama and his liberal allies in Congress want the power to spend billions in new tax revenues on a massive redistribution of wealth to green-energy-company shareholders.

[...] Obama's plan will inflict higher gas and electricity costs on everyone. It will kill hundreds of thousands of jobs and prevent small-business growth. It is especially foolish to contemplate a massive new tax in the midst of a recession, but President Obama's central purpose is less economic than ideological: the redistribution of wealth, come what may. Slicing a shrinking pie is easy enough when you're wielding the knife; it's the rest of us who will have to fast.

Meanwhile, the oil continues to gush under the Gulf waters.

Read it all ...

Haley's points are made all the more pertinent in light of the fact that it seems that BP has bought-in on as Obama's new best friends in the cap and tax fight (H/t - Ace).

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Posted by Richard at June 16, 2010 4:13 PM

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