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June 2, 2010

Stuck saw stalls efforts to stop Gulf oil leak

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Problems in stopping the Gulf oil leak continue. Now the saw is stuck.


BP temporarily suspended its effort to contain oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico this morning, after the specialty saw it is using to cut through a damaged pipe became stuck in the pipe, National Incident Commander Admiral Thad Allen said.
The company was able to successfully make one cut in the pipe overnight using giant shears. But the second, more precise cut closer to the top of the blow out preventer, was delayed.

The second cut is crucial to BP's latest attempt to corral the thousands of barrels of oil spilling daily into the sea. Undersea robots are attempting to cut and remove the bent and broken riser pipe from the failed blowout preventer, so that a cap affixed with a suction tube can be put in its place. The tube would act as a straw and draw oil and natural gas to a ship on the surface.

The cap and suction tube contraption can only be put into place after the second cut is made and the pipe is removed. The procedure is called the Lower Marine Riser Package containment system.

Allen said Wednesday that BP was working to free the saw blade but might also have to send another saw to the site to assist with the cut.

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And how has our Dear Leader occupied his time since the spill began? Fiddling, of course, while giving lip service to the disaster and threatening the company that has the equipment to stop it.

Posted by Richard at June 2, 2010 10:31 AM

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