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June 22, 2010

Soros's Oil Spill Payoff - Compliments of Barack Obama (with breaking news - judge blocks moratorium))

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WND provides some alarming facts and some troubling questions, all of which point to cronyism on the part of Barack Obama (emphasis added):

Within 48 hours after President Obama issued the six-month moratorium on deep-water drilling, the George Soros-backed Brazilian oil company, Petrobras, contacted a large New Orleans company, Laborde Marine, which services the deep-water drilling market. The company was seeking to lease all its vessels. "If the moratorium on deep-water drilling is not lifted, 33 semi-submersible rigs and/or drill ships affected will simply go to other countries where they will be well received, such as Brazil," Cliffe F. Laborde and J. Peter Laborde, Jr. wrote in a June 4 letter to their Louisiana Senators.

Could this be merely a happy coincidence for George Soros, the major financial backer of Obama's presidential campaign who also has $811 million invested in the Brazilian oil company, Petrobras? Wasn't it enough of a payback to Soros when the Obama Administration loaned up to $10 billion to Petrobras? Soros, with his far left-wing organization, MoveOn, is called the Godfather of world socialism. But most relevant currently is that he has been an enthusiastic proponent of global warming and environmental liberalism. He has urged adoption of a global carbon tax. Could it be more than coincidence that his position is strikingly similar to what Obama called for in his June 14 Oval Office speech on the Gulf oil spill and future energy actions?

Read it all...

In breaking news, a federal judge in New Orleans has blocked a six-month moratorium on new deepwater drilling projects that was imposed in response to the massive Gulf oil spill. Unless this judge is over-ruled, Obama's efforts to placate his far-left base, drive up oil prices, push his green agenda, and give his pal Soros a free pass to make billions, will be shot down. For now, there's a moratorium on Obama's moratorium.

Here's the judge's ruling.

Posted by Richard at June 22, 2010 1:30 PM

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