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June 19, 2010

Muslims Illegally Occupy Streets of Paris to Pray, While Muslim Militia Block the Streets

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As Atlas Shrugs aptly points out, this is not your parents' France. The French government has allowed the Muslim population to swell and take control where and when it wants to. In these videos the Muslims take over the Paris streets for Friday prayers. They block off roads, put their rugs out on the sidewalk as well as the street, deprive shop owners of business for two and a half hours, and deprive residents of the street from entering or leaving their apartments for that time. Their aggression is obvious (watch how aggressive they get with the camera man. (Note: no women.)

More here, here and here

Apparently, this has been going on "for a few years."

Agtlas Shrugs explains:

According to them, this is to protest the fact that these poor souls don't have enough mosques, they indeed don't have one in this district.

What they forget is that French government does not finance any religion or religious building whatsoever.

They are totally free to buy some space and build a mosque.

Yet they complain about French government being mean to them because they "don't have the right to ave a mosque".
Go figure.

So they block the streets every Friday between 3 and 5 PM to pray towards mecca.

Several mild aggressions have been reported about people trying to go to their home since they inhabit the street. But having them walking was disturbing the prayer.
Some women have been insulted for not being veiled.

Is this coming to the U.S. next? Muslims are already demanding special treatment and privileges, and go out or their way to be in-your-face about their religion ideology that is about as compatible with a free democratic society as oil is with water.

Let's not forget what Islam's agenda realy is here in America. As Mary Cbristina Love reminds us in her excellent piece - "Muslims in the Workplace":

[...] Omar Ahmad, the founder of the Council of American-Islamic Relations, CAIR, said "Islam is not in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant."

Lack of knowledge about the politics of Islam in a naïve and benevolent host society gives a group of Muslims the confidence to ask for special policy, procedure, and concessions. The wishes are that are not genuinely necessary for religious practice, when the real reason behind the special requests is to set precedent and spread an Islamic agenda , creating a system where Muslim rights ultimately precede non-Muslim rights.

Once an Islamic victory is achieved, another will surely follow. In that respect, Islamis like a Russian doll. Therefore, granting special privileges to Muslim employees may seem harmless at first, but will always lead to granting more special privileges. Demands for special privileges will increase promptly and proportionally, until it effects policies and laws, thus causing a systematic risk throughout our country's policies, institutions, and organizations.

As she also writes in her piece:
Muslims are special interest groups who regularly ask for special privileges, willingly, unwillingly, knowingly, and unknowingly following a supremist ideology called Islam. The ideology calls for its proponents to ask for special favors in a society with regard to but not limited to prayers, food, and fasting when their numbers are large enough. Until then, they are supposed to blend in with others so as not to defame their ideology or reveal its political agenda. Once made known, the desires and demands usually concern gender segregation, food preference, personal hygiene, product handling, prayer time, special holidays and customer or client interaction.
From what we've seen and experienced so far, there's very little evidence to counter her points. And lest we learn from France's experience with the Islamists, we're likely to see more of the same kind of crap we've already begun to see here in the U.S.

Political correctness is going to get us nowhere but dead as a culture and a free society. Life under sharia is anything but free.

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Posted by Abdul at June 19, 2010 9:26 AM

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