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June 3, 2010

Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu: "We will never apologize for defending ourselves"

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Israel's PM speaks eloquently and forcefully about Israel's necessary enforcement of the Gaza blockade. This is a must watch: (H/t - Wizbang):

Jennifer Rubin has an excellent commentary on Bibi's speech:

He makes clear that the flotilla is not the beginning of the story:
Last year, Israel acted to stop Hamas from firing thousands of rockets into Israel's towns and cities. Hamas was firing on our civilians while hiding behind civilians. And Israel went to unprecedented lengths to avoid Palestinian civilian casualties. Yet it was Israel, and not Hamas, that was accused by the UN of war crimes. Now regrettably, the same thing appears to be happening now. But here are the facts. Hamas is smuggling thousands of Iranian rockets, missiles and other weaponry - smuggling it into Gaza in order to fire on Israel's cities. These missiles can reach Ashdod and Beer Sheva - these are major Israeli cities. And I regret to say that some of them can reach now Tel Aviv, and very soon, the outskirts of Jerusalem. From the information we have, the planned shipments include weapons that can reach farther, even farther and deeper into Israel.
He reiterates Israel's right of self-defense and doesn't buy into the critics who from a safe distance sniff and declare that this was some abstract or unimportant matter:
This is not a theoretical challenge or a theoretical threat. We have already interdicted vessels bound for Hezbollah, and for Hamas from Iran, containing hundreds of tons of weapons. In one ship, the Francop, we found hundreds of tons of war materiel and weapons destined for Hezbollah. In another celebrated case, the Karine A, dozens of tons of weapons were destined for Hamas by Iran via a shipment to Gaza. Israel simply cannot permit the free flow of weapons and war materials to Hamas from the sea.

I will go further than that. Israel cannot permit Iran to establish a Mediterranean port a few dozen kilometers from Tel Aviv and from Jerusalem. And I would go beyond that too. I say to the responsible leaders of all the nations: The international community cannot afford an Iranian port in the Mediterranean. Fifteen years ago I cautioned about an Iranian development that has come to pass - people now recognize that danger. Today I warn of this impending willingness to enable Iran to establish a naval port right next to Israel, right next to Europe. The same countries that are criticizing us today should know that they will be targeted tomorrow.

Then he takes on the notion that the flotilla was needed for humanitarian reasons: "Humanitarian and other goods can go in and weapons and war materiel cannot. And we do let civilian goods into Gaza. There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Each week, an average of ten thousand tons of goods enter Gaza. There's no shortage of food. There's no shortage of medicine. There's no shortage of other goods. On this occasion too, we made several offers - offers to deliver the goods on board the flotilla to Gaza after a security inspection. Egypt made similar offers. And these offers were rejected time and again."

Then the details of the battle:

Read more ...

Eric aptly suggests at the Tigerrrr Express that Netanyahu's speech to the world yesterday should be mandatory viewing for every citizen of the world and that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, not Barack Hussein Obama, has become the leader of the free world:

With George W. Bush of America, Tony Blair of England, and John Howard of Australia all retired, Bibi Netanyahu is the only (true) world leader left.

... For those who have not been paying attention the last few decades, a bunch of defective Arabs known as Palesimians decided that eradicating every Jew from the planet would displace soccer as the world's favorite sport.

And Evelyn Gordon debunks the flotilla lies, one by one.

In a nutshell, Bibi's right. Israel has nothing to apologize for, and quite the contrary, the world owes Israel an apology for supporting Islamic terrorists and a Palestinian culture of death.

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Posted by Richard at June 3, 2010 8:33 AM

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