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June 21, 2010

Hope n' Change?

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues, Political News and commentaries

The Emperor's New Suit.jpg (Click to enlarge.)

Stilton Jarlsberg's The Emperor's New Suit:

[...] Those people who only get basic cable television instead of the 24-hour Ecuadorian News Network ("We Report, You Raise Llamas") are only now hearing about Hillary Clinton's revelation that Barack Obama has ordered the Justice Department to sue Arizona over the state's attempt to enforce the federal government's own immigration laws.

The timing is rather inconvenient for the Whitehouse and Justice Department, as apparently the decision to sue was made before finding an actual reason to sue, leaving a lot of official spokespeople scurrying for political cover.

The vaguely stated argument is that only the federal government can enforce federal law...even when they choose not to. And by attempting to enforce federal law, Arizona is usurping federal powers.

But wouldn't Arizona also be usurping federal powers if, like the feds themselves, they don't enforce immigration law?

And why, really, is Obama so desperate to keep the flood of illegal aliens coming into the United States? According to Arizona Senator Jon Kyl, the president admitted in a one-on-one meeting that he wants the borders to remain unsecured as a bargaining chip to force Republicans to vote for "comprehensive immigration reform"...presumably granting citizenship to tens of millions of "undocumented Democrats" from south of the border.

Put another way, the president is neglecting the constitutionally required duty of protecting our borders and actively sponsoring an invasion of the United States to consolidate his own political power.

This is the Hope N' Change so many (not me) voted for? Jarlsberg is right when he goes on to suggest that Barack Obama should be put on trial for treason.

Be sure to check out Jarlsberg's site for other Hope n' Change toons.

Why sue Arizona and not Missouri? (Missouri already has had the same laws for past 5 years - so why is Arizona's law so unpalatable?)

H/t - DBKP

Posted by Richard at June 21, 2010 9:24 AM

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