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June 30, 2010

DHS Seeks To Deport Israeli Agent Who Thwarted Hamas Acts of Terrorism

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Last night Fox News did a segment on Mosab Hassan Yousef. As the following video explains, Yousef was an Israeli agent embedded in the terrorist group Hamas, and that his father was a founding member and high ranking official in Hamas. The information Yousef provided the Israeli Shin Bet (Israel's FBI equivalent) saved the lives of many innocent civilians and helped bring terrorists to justice (hat tip - Daniel Halper):

Incredibly, the Department of Homeland Security is seeking to thwart Yousef's effort to gain political asylum here in the U.S. DHS's case boils down to fact that he "has ties to terror," despite the reason that he was closely associated with Hamas - he was an Israeli informant and the son of a Hamas official, not a terrorist himself.

His immigration trial is being held today in a court in Southern California. however, according to Yousef, whom Daniel Halper met with last week, DHS has promised to continue its efforts regardless of the outcome of today's trial. Yousef plans to appeal the decision, if he is not granted political asylum here.

Interestingly, while DHS is trying to deport Yousef for "having ties" (associating with) terror, the Obama administration is doing the exact same thing by secretly talking with Hamas, and has in the past has secretly pledged cooperation with Syria. On the one hand Yousef's actions saved Israeli lives, and on the other, the Obama administration's actions are more likely than not to cost Israeli (and American0 lives).

Posted by Richard at June 30, 2010 10:21 AM

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