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June 17, 2010

Andy McCarthy: 'Islam Is The Problem'

Topics: Political News and commentaries, Understanding Islam, War on Terror

Andy McCarthy writes in his column at NRO today titled "Bon Jovi Islam" that "Islamic doctrine does, in fact, support a violent political vision." This is essentially the same as saying that Islam itself is the problem facing the West

In the following video, Andy McCarthy and Will Cain discuss whether Islam is an inherently violent religion, and if so, how you reconcile that with the hundreds of millions of peace-loving Muslims around the world:

1:20 - Is Islam an inherently violent religion? 1:45 - How can you explain the hundreds of millions of peace-loving Muslims? 2:35 - Andy explains the difference between Muslims, Islamists, and Jihadists. 4:15 - What is Sharia, and why is it so important to understand? 5:45 - Andy says the only difference between Islamists and jihadists is methodology, not their ultimate goals.
Good discussion. And McCarthy's absolutely correct. The most significant problems we face throughout the world is in fact, Islam(ism). And our foe, in truth, "is a particular, identifiable component of the Muslim world."

As McCarthy points out in his "Bon Jovi Islam," in which he is addressing Senator Lieberman's piece at the WSJ (emphasis added):

[...] Our real challenge is that, violent or not, Islamic doctrine constitutes a political vision. That is, Islam is not a mere religion as we understand the concept in the West -- a set of spiritual guidelines that are denied governing authority in what is a separate, secular realm. Mainstream Islam calls for a comprehensive political, economic, legal, and social theocracy. Its spiritual elements are only a small part of the system, and it rejects the concept of divisibility between mosque and state.

Nor is it only terrorists who construe Islam this way -- not by a long shot. Islamists have the full-throated support of Islam's most influential clerical and jurisprudential authorities. These include the leading faculty at Egypt's al-Azhar University, the seat of learning for Sunnis, who compose the vast majority of the world's Muslims. To be sure, there is a vibrant debate in the ummah about terrorism, as such. That, in reality, is a debate about tactics. There is broad consensus about the strategic goal: Non-terrorist Muslims substantially agree with the terrorists that Islam commands the establishment of sharia societies.

Senator Lieberman claims that, for most Muslims, there is an "enormous difference between their faith and the terrorist political ideology that has exploited it." That is not true. There are differences about terrorism, but there is a broad accord when it comes to the political ideology. The mainstream of Islam -- by no means all Muslims, but many Muslims, including many of the most influential -- is convinced that America is the problem in the world. A great number of Muslims in America -- again not all, but many -- believes that the U.S. should be a sharia society, notwithstanding sharia's core differences with our culture of freedom based on individual liberty.

[...] Senator Lieberman is to be applauded for criticizing the Obama administration's refusal to come to terms with the Islamist enemy. Still, despite chastising the president for violating Sun Tzu's axiom that "the first rule in war is to know your enemy so you can defeat it," Lieberman, too, is in violation when he fails to acknowledge that violence isn't the half of the civilizational challenge we face.

This brings us to the Obama administration's policy in fighting our enemy - the one he doesn't even recognize, the one he thinks we can defeat with "smart power" and kindness.

Looking to the words of former Muslim Ayaan Hirsi, now living in the U.S. under the threat of death, our chances under the Obama administration are not very good. In her opinion, the War on Terror should actually become a war on Islam itself - because Islam IS the problem:

Our take home message here is clear. Islam itself (not individual Muslims - in fact, the most frequent target of Muslim suicide bombers is other Muslims) is America's greatest threat (even more so the Barack Obama's domestic agenda), and Barack Obama's policies in the war against Islamism is almost guaranteed to get us killed - physically, politically, and ideologically.

Posted by Richard at June 17, 2010 1:05 PM

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