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June 2010

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June 30, 2010

CBO: Debt will reach 62 percent of GDP by year's end
DHS Seeks To Deport Israeli Agent Who Thwarted Hamas Acts of Terrorism
Re: Kerry-Lieberman Energy And "Jobs" Bill Is A Jobs Killer
Democrats' Bill To Pay Back Unions Could End Volunteer Fire Departments
Elena Kagan's participation in a 'gigantic scientific deception'

June 29, 2010

Obama Sending Only 524 National Guard Troops To Arizona Border
Consumer confidence in June drops like a rock
Tom Brokaw Admits He's a Democrat
Dr. Richard L. Rubinstein: Obama "Has Muslim Sympathies" and "Is a Menace...To Israel And To Western Europe"
(Video) Kagan admits she believes Constitution should be "interpreted"

June 28, 2010

Ahmadinejad Rejects All Nuclear Talks Until August to 'Punish' West Over Sanctions
Re: Napolitano: 'You're Never Going to Totally Seal That Border'
Muslim-loving White House Abandons Nepal Hindu Majority In Favor of 4% Nepal Muslim Minority

June 26, 2010

Muslim Children Stone Jewish Dance Troupe In Germany
Re: 'The General and the Community Organizer'

June 25, 2010

AFL-CIO economist tells Fox's Neil Cavuto, "You're an A-hole"
Top Democrat Helping Florida's Charlie Crist With Fundraising
Sources Say Petraeus to Modify Afghanistan Rules of Engagement
Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson Tied Financially to Florida Tea Party Candidates (to create 'bogus' candidates for political gain)
Telegraph: 'Barack Obama is refusing to listen to reason on economic policy'
Al-Qaeda Lawyer to Fill Top Post In Obama's Justice Department
Obama Administration Considering Blanket Amnesty Or Parole For Illegal Aliens
On the Dems "Good For Me But Not For Thee" Logic

June 24, 2010

Christianity Banned in Dearborn Michigan?
Obama Administration Shuts Down Louisiana's Coastal Protection Efforts
Japanese environment ministry tells Japanese to go to bed an hour early to cut carbon emissions
Hillary to Students: Watching Cable News Perverts Your Mind
Blagojevich's Former Chief of Staff: Barack Obama Knew of Blagojevich's Plot
White House Makes Sharia Law Appointment
Re: Zbigniew Brzezinski's Brainstorm: Invite Iran To Kibitz On Afghanistan

June 23, 2010

Re: "We implore General McChrystal to blow the whistle and go public with what he knows."
Was Solicitor General Elena Kagan Subtly Soliciting Shariah Law?
Islamic law in Dearborn?
McChrystal Relieved, Petraeus In
New home sales in May hit record low
It's no longer a question of "what did he know and when did he know it"
'Not Your Father's Charleston Anymore'
McChrystal, Obama meeting: Just another photo-op? (Updated)
Obama's Chicago Network (Video)
Illegal alien amnesty by 'executive order'?

June 22, 2010

RINOs Strike Again: McCain, Graham and Lieberman Back Obama Over McChrystal
Saudi Arabia beheads and nails murderer's body to cross
Soros's Oil Spill Payoff - Compliments of Barack Obama (with breaking news - judge blocks moratorium))
Re: He's Obama! He's Black! So, Shut Up!
Labor Secretary Hilda Solis Vows To Fight For Illegals' Wages
Something Stinks In America

June 21, 2010

(Video) Newt Gingrich on Obama's plan to transform America into a secular-socialist state -- and how we can stop it now
Dems Astroturfing For Harry Reid
Video: The BP Coffee Spill
Democrats to "Deem" An Alternative Budget
Question of the Day
Free Condoms in Public Elementary School?
Hope n' Change?
Lies, Damned Lies, And Obama Lies
Nancy Pelosi Paying $18K a Month for New San Francisco Office
Obama Pushes "Two fathers" Family
Disgusting Anti-Semitism On The Docks

June 20, 2010

Obama told John Kyle he won't secure the border until Congress agrees to amnesty

June 19, 2010

The MoveOn.Org/Hamas Nexus (Unholy Alliance Or Actively Conspiring With The Enemy?)
Re: Pelosi and the 'briar patch'
Re: President Obama's fantasy vision about the nation's energy future
Video: The Three Terrors
3 very good reasons to keep the FCC out of the Internet
Muslims Illegally Occupy Streets of Paris to Pray, While Muslim Militia Block the Streets

June 18, 2010

Re: Ahmadinejad: "The Jews only seem human; we are advancing step by step towards implementing our plan to change the world; from this point forward, we will act to deliver the American people from its dictatorial government"
D.C. Gusher
You better stay the hell out of Dale Peterson's Yard
Obama Approval At New Low Following Oil-Spill Speech
Obama's oil-spill 'fix': $7-a-gallon gas?
Egypt refuses to stop Iranian ships (Prelude to war?)
Former Clinton Adviser William Galston Pushes the Panic Button
Obama Breaks Promise To Arizona Governor Jan Brewer
Disgraced Fannie Mae CEO set to cash in for millions on Cap-and-Tax

June 17, 2010

On Planet Biden: "Recovery Act is working great"
"Experts" (sic) Suggest Kids Shouldn't Have Best Friends"
Good News - Oil Prices Fall, but ...
Andy McCarthy: 'Islam Is The Problem'
GOP Ad: What Took So Long?
CNN: Americans are too dumb to comprehend Obama's genius
'Spot On' Perspective From Jon Stewart On The Never-Ending Quest For "Energy Independence"

June 16, 2010

'Time to plug holes, not raise taxes'
Communists, Socialists Gather With Democrats To Promote Obama Agenda
Alarming Indoctrination: School Kids Chant "I Am An Obama Scholar
Political Cronyism: President's New BP Oil Spill Commission all Democrat Donors
Powerline: Barack Obama's Long Nose

June 15, 2010

This Guy Greene Needs To Avoid Interviews Like The Plague
Florida Governor Charlie Crist Crist Caught Checking Out More Than Oil on South Beach
On Power Blackouts And Water Shortages In Florida, ... And Chernobyl
"Of Lambs And Lions"
Muslim protesters brand British war heroes 'murderers' as homecoming parade turns violent
Al Gore affair?
'Just another scary, racist Tea-Party loon'
Remember Obama's promise that if you like your current plan you can keep it under Obamacare?
EPA classifies milk as oil
Rasmussen: 58% Favor Repeal of Obamacare

June 14, 2010

Obama administration backtracks on refusal of foreign assistance in Gulf oil spill
Democratic example of frugality and responsibility
Newsflash: 'Men like women'
A Lesson From Belgium On The Fruits Of Eutopia,
Should We Care What's Wrong with Obama?

June 13, 2010

Someone please tell me this is a joke
Travis Smiley the bizarre infidel: PBS Host Shows Willful Ignorance to Islamic Extremism - Attacks Christians
Sea Battle Looming In Middle East?
Funny and true
Did anyone at the NAACP pass 4th grade science?
Re: Obama, Israel & American Jews: The Challenge -- A Symposium

June 12, 2010

More Dhimitude: YouTube pulls "We Con the World" video
A Question About PayPal's Obvious Pro-Islamist Stance

June 11, 2010

Obama Administration to Support Anti-Israel Resolution at UN Next Week (Updated)
On Obama's disastrous Iran policy
'Wishing for the rights of an illegal in Massachusetts'
Now Obama Wants To Meet With BP 'Chairman'?
Re: Obama Ignores D-Day, Proclaims Today Kamehameha Day After Hawaiian King

June 10, 2010

Must-watch video: Dennis Prager At University Of Denver
Video Recordings of Statements from Mavi Marmara Crew Members about Preparations Made by IHH Operatives for the Violent Confrontation with IDF Soldiers
Images of Gaza - and Obama just agreed to give them $400 million more?
Obama Refuses Offer From Dutch Government To Bring Over Equipment and Expertise To Help Contain That Spill?
ACORN employees tell FBI of deliberate election fraud
Gallop poll: Obama approval at new low
Muslim who cut girlfriend's throat threatened jihad on jurors
S.C. Senator Lindsey Graham: "The science about global warming has changed"
On the Brink: Melanie Phillips discusses the West's civilizational crisis
$400 million to support terrorists?

June 9, 2010

Dorothy Rabinowitz: The Alien in the White House
Obama's Drilling Moratorium Violates Panel’s Recommendation
Reuters Admits Cropping Flotilla Photo
$19.6 Trillion
Re: Annals of Useful Idiocy, Circa 2010
Keeping tabs on Obamacare
Obama's census costs skyrocket 325% vs. 2000
Obama's Iran policy a total disaster (Updated)
WaPo finally recognizing effects of 'Regime Uncertainty' on businesses?
Good news in the fight against global warming stupidity

June 8, 2010

No longer Obama the Vulcan, now its Obama the Klingon
On 'truth' in the media
CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Womb is a 'Sacred Space' and a 'Safe Refuge' for 'Babies'
Re: The factory, the government, and the boom
Delayed posting today

June 7, 2010

Must-watch video: Keynesian economist says the stimulus failed - Democrats in Congress had no strategy for long-term growth
Obama's chickens coming home to roost: War in Middle East now more likely
Re: Obamacare deja vu. And vu, and vu ...
Intelligence leaker busted by hacker
Democrats avoiding town halls
Hamas 'hearts' Helen Thomas (Update - Thomas to immediately retire)
Eric Holder's double standard

June 4, 2010

Video: DeMint: 94 Percent of Bills Passed Secretly With No Debate, No Vote
Time to replace Turkey as a strategic partner?
ABC journalist jumps to SEIU
Video shows Obama's "singular" focus on the Gulf spill - not so singular
Jobs report - disappointing

June 3, 2010

Confession from Richard Daley/Barney Fife WH?
Cal Thomas on the changing climate of 'climate change'
Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu: "We will never apologize for defending ourselves"
Administration 'floats' dangerous change in support of Freedom Flotilla

June 2, 2010

Mavi Marmara security cameras prove passengers were preparing for violent confrontation with IDF
Daniel in the lions' den
Videos provide evidence of prepared ambush by Free Gaza "peace activists"
Stuck saw stalls efforts to stop Gulf oil leak
UN Report: Iran Has Fuel for 2 Nuclear Weapons
40 of the "Peace Activists" on Gaza Flotilla Are Al-Qaeda
Reporters Still Asking Robert Gibbs Questions About Sestak

June 1, 2010

Obama administration condemns Israel for raid on terrorist-linked Gaza flotilla
Undercover census fraud investigation in New Jersey - undercovers fraud
Apostate Pelosi relates her policies to the values of Jesus
Just four days after owning them
Sell everything immediately, quickly
Andy McCarthy on Opposing the Ground-Zero Mosque
Re: Violent "peace" protestors