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May 6, 2010

Video: Why Are Young People Liberal?

Topics: Political News and commentaries

Given that young people in America are getting the financial shaft via liberal government policies (i.e. "funding the retirement plans such as Social Security and Medicare for old people, and the young and healthy now having to pay for the old and sick thanks to Obamacare") - one can't help but wonder why so many young people are liberal and supportive of Barack Obama.

To find out why this is the case, Will Cain asked John Derbyshire, British-American writer and columnist for National Review and New English Review why it that young people stay true to a liberal ideology that financially enslaves them.

His answer: The young are primitive and egalitarian, like early societies. That, and . . . they're rebellious.

Derbyshire's assessment sounds about right. Add-in the fact that young Americans are bombarded with liberal themes through Hollywood, the media, and in our liberal-controlled educational system, there's little wonder that it takes time for them to realize the true cost of liberal-progressivism.

Posted by Richard at May 6, 2010 12:17 PM

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