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May 2, 2010

Stupak and his 'pro-life' coalition AWOL on bill to fix abortion language in Obamacare

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Given that the new ObamaCare bill will mandate funding for abortions if Congress ever fails to pass the Hyde Amendment which has to get a new vote every year during the budget cycle, and that Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) and his coalition of supposed pro-life Democrats in the House have, for the most part, failed to sign-on to a the "Protect Life Act" now being offered that would fix the several different ways in which the Obamacare funds abortions, would it be appropriate to now say that Stupak and his buddies were doing nothing more than just playing for political cover for their eventual Obamacare vote?


None of the pro-life Democrats who backed the pro-abortion health care bill in the House have signed on a co-sponsors of new legislation to apply the Hyde amendment to it. The new bill, the Protect Life Act, would fix the several different ways in which the measure funds abortions.

When Congress passed and President Barack Obama signed the new government-run health care bill, some pro-life Democrats supported it saying pro-life groups and lawmakers were wrong and that the measure did not contain taxpayer funding of abortion.

Obama signed an executive order that supposedly curbed the abortion funding, but pro-life groups say it merely restated the provisions of the bill and could easily be overturned in court and has no legal power to trump the abortion funding provisions. ...

Several Democrats have signed on to the measure, led by pro-life Rep. Joe Pitts, a Pennsylvania Republican.

The Democrats co-sponsoring Pitts' bill are Reps. Travis Childers of Mississippi, Lincoln Davis of Tennessee, Tim Holden of Pennsylvania, Dan Lipinski of Illinois, Jim Marshall of Georgia, Mike McIntyre of North Carolina and Gene Taylor of Mississippi.

Each of these pro-life members of Congress voted against the final pro-abortion health care bill Obama signed.

None of the pro-life Democrats who backed the measure - such as Rep. Brad Ellsworth of Indiana, Steve Driehaus of Ohio, or Reps. Allan Mollohan and Nick Rahall of West Virginia - have signed onto the legislation as co-sponsors.

That includes Rep. Bart Stupak, the leader of the coalition of pro-life Democrats who enabled passage of the pro-abortion bill. (Emphasis added)


Ed Morressey has more, and addresses the Dems' lack of support for the bill:

Compare that to the language in Stupak's amendment, and one will see no substantive difference at all. That prompts the question: Why aren't the so-called "pro-life Democrats" who voted for ObamaCare co-sponsoring this bill? It would restore the language for which they fought last November, and for which they threatened to vote against ObamaCare. It ends the reliance on an executive order of dubious legality and entirely based on the whim of a President who declared his fealty to Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortions in the nation.

Clearly, the term "pro-life Democrat" is mainly an oxymoron, with only a handful of notable exceptions as seen on the co-sponsor list of this bill. Stupak and most of his coalition care less about pro-life principles and more about political kowtowing. Voters in their districts need to find candidates that will support HR5111, and better yet, candidates that won't lie in the first place about their pro-life principles.

In other words, as I suggested in the intro here, Stupak and his fellow "pro-life Democrats" were just playing for political cover for their eventual Obamacare vote, and never intended to stop Obamacare from day one. Ed's right, the term "pro-life Democrat" is mainly an oxymoron.

Posted by Abdul at May 2, 2010 5:12 PM

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