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May 24, 2010

Re: The House Divided

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Remember this scene in which the Congressional Democrats and members of Obama's cabinet stood and applauded Mexico's President Felipe Calderon's tongue-lashing of Arizona's new immigration law - completely ignoring the fact that Mexico enforces its immigration laws with the exact same "intolerance, hate, discrimination and abuse" of which its president falsely accuses Arizona?

It's as though we're not only a "house divided," but a house led by leaders that are not only far-removed from the will of the people but from reality, as well.

Andy McCarthy sees the situation the same way, and asks how long can a people remain a People when its leaders side with its foes?

Bill Bennett and Seth Leibsohn don't mince words on NRO: "Allowing the running down of a part of the United States by the head of a foreign government, at the White House, standing next to the president -- who not only didn't challenge him, but encouraged him -- is a foreign- and domestic-policy catastrophe." I couldn't agree more with them, or with Mona Charen and Michelle Malkin, who've written forcefully about the absurdity of entertaining commentary on our immigration enforcement (or lack of same) from Mexico. That would be the same Mexico that enforces its immigration laws with the very"intolerance, hate, discrimination and abuse" of which its president, Felipe Calderon, falsely accuses Arizona.

It is sadly noteworthy, though, that Bill and Seth wrote their essay before Calderon's appearance Thursday before a joint session of Congress. It was at that latter event, with Vice President Biden and Speaker Pelosi presiding, and with President Obama's cabinet front and center, that the most breathtaking display took place. I refer not to the tongue-lashing from Calderon, but to the standing ovation from nearly two-thirds of the People's representatives and from the assembled administration officials. The ovation was for a brazen attack on the People.

Make no mistake: In the Congress of the United States on Thursday, it was a hostile Mexico against a besieged Arizona. Mexico won in a rout.

Take the time to read it all here ...

Unfortunately, a similar question has to do with our national security. How long can a people remain a People when it's leader deliberately gives away our national defense secrets? With Congressional Democrats siding with Mexico's president over an American state's law, our president giving away national security secrets and his administration not even being willing to recognize who our enemy is (radical Islam), it's difficult to believe that the American people are destined to remain "the American People," for very much longer. Clearly, our last chance to change this is November 2010 and November 2012.

Posted by Richard at May 24, 2010 1:27 PM

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