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May 3, 2010

Re Obama ongoing assault on our free speech

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Let there be no doubt that Barack Obama and the assortment of speech and media control advocates he has surrounded himself with are doggedly working to help expand Barack Obama's goal of having the government control "every aspect of our lives" by including even our precious right of free speech. And there's even a bill introduced by Senators Jay Rockefeller (D) and RINO Olympia Snowe last year that would provide the means for the government to control the Internet, and this is just one of many measures being sought that will affect our free speech.

The only way Obama's (and a couple of apparently anti-free speech senators) can be stopped is for every American to be both informed and alarmed, and make our voices heard in Washington (I know, I know, they didn't listen when we screamed about Obamacare, but November is now just around the corner).

In what should be one of your must-reads of the day, Mark Human explains (with details) at American Spectator:

Popular speech and political dissent have proved troublesome to President Barack Obama since the very beginning of his term in office. The Obama Administration began waging war on the minority of media outlets that did not worship at his altar immediately after he was sworn in. Just three days into his presidency Obama warned Congressional Republicans against listening to radio host Rush Limbaugh.

In April, Obama responded to a sycophantic question from CBS news anchor Harry Smith by falsely claiming Limbaugh and Fox News commentator Glenn Beck labeled Obama a "Nazi." Obama responded by identifying as "troublesome" "this kind of vitriol."

During the intervening 15 months, White House officials attempted to marginalize balanced news outlets such as the Fox News Channel by enlisting the support of the heretofore compliant news media. Fortunately, competing news outlets found the backbone -- if only temporarily -- to put the kibosh on Obama's attempts to blacklist FNC from the White House press pool.

These heavy-handed actions, as well as worries about the Obama Administration reinstituting the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" for talk radio are small time when one considers what the government is capable of accomplishing if a handful of current proposals are enacted.

Read it all .. The measures to rob us of our right to free speech are exhaustive. There's even a project that will examine, among numerous other things, the roles and impact of schools and libraries, voter turnout, gaming systems, social media, "development of social capital," and numerous other matters in which the FCC has absolutely no authority to snoop.

Posted by Richard at May 3, 2010 6:40 AM

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