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May 12, 2010

Opinion - Is This Another Sign Of Things To Come?

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Recently the Memorial Cross erected in 1934 by the Veterans of Foreign Wars in the Mojave Desert in California to commemorate American soldiers who died in WWI, and which for years has been the focus of so much vile hatred and heated controversy on the part of those who fought all the way to the Supreme Court hell-bent on its removal, was recently vandalized and stolen. No doubt a day of victory for the ACLU and the godless "hate-America" crowd, even if their secularist, atheist, goals were eventually achieved not through legal fiat... but through vandalism and violence. After all, don't these people generally also uphold "the end justifies the means"?

Though the perpetrators of this desecration are yet unknown and therefore we can't assign to them a "motive" with any certainty, yet, it is not difficult to discern in this most heinous action. the degenerate trend of our society towards a moral void ever more empty of values; the ever-increasing absence of any religious, moral, and or ethical mores; and of an ever-pervasive hostility and contempt for all things that even remotely smack of Christianity in our evident today in many aspects of our decadent culture.

It is self-evident, however, that regardless of whatever ideology (or lack thereof) may have ultimately propitiated this outrage, that even in the case of simple malicious vandalism, the people who committed this atrocity evidence no respect whatsoever for what that cross stood for since 1934: Namely - and more than simply an abstract religious symbol on a lonely span of desert - in remembrance of the sacrifice of those American soldiers who back in WWI gave their lives fighting in the mustard-gas-laced, blood-soaked, muddied trenches of the Argonne in Europe, for our freedoms and our nation.

It also belies their contempt and lack of respect for the religious symbol that is not only representative of the creed of billions of Christians on this planet (who one would think should have as much right for their beliefs and religious symbols to be respected as any "Danish-cartoonist-threatening" Muslim has), but for how deeply the religious moral and ethical precepts it represents are intertwined with the Judeo-Christian principles and concepts that are the foundation of this nation.

What certainly can be ascertained, is that as the result of their actions, the vermin who carried out this defilement, managed to accomplish - again, through violence and vandalism - what the infamous ACLU and all those other secularist, anti-Christian, and atheist groups, had been foaming at the mouth for years to bring to fruition, and yet were unable to accomplish - even in our notoriously activist, "legislate-from-the-bench, liberal courts: The bringing down of that most "hated" cross.

And one is left to ponder, is it sheer coincidence? Or is it perhaps that those who carried out this act are in fact nothing but the militant arm / sycophants of all those who wanted to bring that cross down at any cost... carrying out by force the rabidly anti-Christian objective they had failed to achieve through our courts?

As VFW National Commander Thomas J. Tradewell Sr. stated: "To think anyone can rationalize the desecration of a war memorial is sickening... Commander Tradewell Sr. Is absolutely right.

But what is far more ominous and sickening is if this is a sign of things to come, and just as those who so ardently tried to achieve this very same desecration, this very same removal of this cross through every judicial mean possible, and having failed, yet seem to nevertheless have gotten their way, even if by the hands of those sympathetic to their radical agenda; if similarly, those who now are so feverishly trying to legislate from Washington similar desecrations of everything we hold nigh and dear and bring about their Marxist dream of transforming America into a socialist nation - such as Obama and his cadre of sixties-commie-radicals now in power - may not increasingly resort to achieving their ends in a similarly nefarious manner. The way in which the infamous "Obamacare" legislation was shoved down our collective throats, even though the majority of the American people opposed it, seems a sad indicative that indeed from now on this will be so. Perhaps, we should brace ourselves to see other aspects of our American character being removed by legislation, judicial fiat, and or - if all else fails - in the dark of night, like the Mojave cross.

Also, there is the alarming possibility that with the increasing alienation of growing sectors of our society and the ever increasing influx of millions of illegal aliens in our midst; who openly show their loyalties to lie not with America, but with the culture, the values, and the ethnicity of their native countries - waving Mexican flags at rallies, chanting "si se puede" while marching en masse down the streets of our cities with cocky impunity at their illegitimacy, perpetrating acts of violence and civil unrest under the pretext of "protests," who proudly hold pictures of murderous Che Guevara in clenched fists, while they brazenly tell us on their signs and banners that: "this is their land," that we are "the ones who do not belong here," and that "there are no borders for them" - one has to wonder if the perpetrators of this incident may not simply have been some of the scions of these illegal aliens - MS-13 and or Chicano gang members or such - engaging in more acts of anti-American behavior as we daily witness with increasing frequency, for whom the sacrifice of those that cross memorialized in that removed stretch of the Mojave, holds no meaning, but is rather a source of scorn - of so called "European Colonialism," and or "American Imperialism." This, not to mention that most likely their political affiliations are akin to that of those who all along have so wanted to bring this monument down.

Who knows, perhaps if it had been the star and crescent of Mohammed, the perpetrators would have had second thoughts before carrying out their desecration....But, of course, as we all know, it's okay tear down a cross and or to portray the image of Christ in urine.

Posted by Althor at May 12, 2010 10:09 AM

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