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May 26, 2010

Only in Obama's world

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On Tuesday, Barack Obama said Republicans have to help him solve big issues like energy and immigration if the country is to move forward:

Speaking at a series of fundraisers for Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer, Obama chided Republicans for sitting on the sidelines and putting politics ahead of the needs of the American people.
As Steve Gilbert so aptly notes over at Sweetness & Light, only in the Orwellian world of Mr. Obama could siding with the vast majority of the citizenry in opposing 'healthcare reform' and 'immigration reform' and 'energy reform' be called "putting politics ahead of the needs of the American people."

More simply put, our narcissist-in-chief lives in a world of his own, one in which he believes that he's the 'effing' president, he alone knows what's good for the rest of us, and to hell with what we say we do and do not want our government to do.

GOP Senators accuse Obama of duplicity, audacity and unbending partisanship (The president needs a Valium)
What Barack Obama Is Thinking

Posted by Abdul at May 26, 2010 7:46 AM

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