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May 11, 2010

Obama Wants To Redistribute Your Wealth - Faster

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Our Spender-in-Chief wants to put more or your tax dollars to work and is calling for government bureaucrats to hire more government bureaucratic - faster.

From an exuberant WaPo: Obama wants federal agencies to hit the gas on hiring:

If you've spent months trying to get a job with the federal government, things are about to get easier.

President Obama plans to instruct federal agencies to radically overhaul the process now used to hire government workers. The change is expected to cut in half the time it takes to fill vacancies and allow the government to better compete with the private sector for top talent.

It's bad enough that federal jobs outpay their private sector counterparts 83 percent of the time and that the federal government already outpaces private sector job creation (remember, it's taxes from the private sector that pay for those federal jobs), now Obama wants to grow the government - faster.

At a time when government should be shedding employees and consolidating positions, instead it's now adding them and doing so at a faster pace. Instead of focusing on improving the efficiency and performance of the umpteen million bureaucrats that we already have, Barry wants more of them and wants more of them faster. Is our Spender-in-Chief completely oblivious to the rapidly emerging "Budgepocalypse" our nation is facing due to our increasingly precarious fiscal situation? Is our Spender-in-Chief purposefully pushing to make America like Greece, or is he simply so ideologically socialist that he just doesn't give a damned about bankrupting the country?

Well, we at least know the answer to the last question, don't we. After all, he did warn us during the campaign:

And also back in 2001 - Obama Admits Radical Plan To Redistribute Wealth:

Posted by Richard at May 11, 2010 8:34 AM

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