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May 26, 2010

Obama aide: Obama doctrine to make clear no war on Islam

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The Administration that's stricken "war on terror" from their vernacular, preferring instead to speak of "man caused disasters" and "overseas contingency operations," and can't even utter the words "radical Islam," continues to provide clear evidence that it has not, does not, and never will, understand the nature of the evil enemy that's determined to convert us - or kill us: Radical Islamists - who are in words and deeds consumed by evil.

Meanwhile, the people in charge of protecting us and defeating our real enemy continue to turn a blind eye to their existance.

Reuters reports:

President Barack Obama's new national security strategy will make clear the United States is not at war with Islam, a top adviser said on Wednesday as the administration prepared for a formal break with Bush-era doctrine.

The White House on Thursday plans to roll out Obama's first formal declaration of national security goals, which are expected to deviate sharply from the go-it-alone approach of his predecessor that included justification for pre-emptive war.

Previewing parts of the document, John Brennan, Obama's leading counterterrorism adviser, said: "We have never been and will never be at war with Islam."

"The president's strategy is unequivocal with regard to our posture -- the United States of America is at war. We are at war against al Qaeda and its terrorist affiliates," he said in a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

Brennan's words dovetailed with Obama's outreach to the Muslim world, where former President George W. Bush alienated many with the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq and his use of phrases like "war on terror" and "Islamo-fascism."

At West Point on Saturday, Obama laid out the broad principles of his coming National Security Strategy, a document required by law of every administration, stressing international engagement over Bush's "cowboy diplomacy."

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In his piece titled Inside the Mind of Radical Islam, Bob Beauprez refers to the words of Natan Sharansky, veteran of the Soviet gulags and great Israeli patriot, who wrote in his masterpiece, The Case for Democracy (emphasis added):

"I have come to understand a critical difference between the world of fear and the world of freedom. In the former, the primary challenge is finding the inner strength to confront evil. In the latter, the primary challenge is finding the moral clarity to see evil."
Beauprez then notes how Americans have always found the inner strength to confront and defeat such evil as Sharansky speaks of. However, in referring to our current elected leaders, until our leaders remove the scales from their eyes and understand that our enemy is consumed by evil, is guided by evil principles, and is committed to an evil outcome ... then the advantage will indeed remain with the jihadists."

Frank Perley comes to the same conclusion at (emphasis added):

The Obama administration may not like to think of being at war with radical Islam, but the jihadists are definitely at war with the United States. Rather than running from the expression "radical Islam," the administration should be openly discussing the ideological motives of the terrorists and finding ways to delegitimize them. Instead of hedging, obfuscating and ignoring, these Democrats should confront the challenge frankly, openly and honestly. Pretending that a radical, violent strain of Islam does not exist will not make it go away. To the contrary, it will make the situation much worse.

President Obama's continuing solicitude toward the faith of Muhammad is inexplicable, and as these acts of denial continue, it is becoming dangerous. The United States will not defeat an enemy it is afraid to identify.

What our president and his administration just can't seem to understand is that we are at war with radical Islam, Islam itself is the very source from which radical Islamists justify their terrorism, violence and intolerance; al Qaeda and its terrorist affiliates" - as Brennen refers to them, are followers of our primary enemy - radical Islam - a terrible evil that Obama's administration and the Democrats refuse to admit even exist. Unless and until they do, we will never defeat our enemy - radical Islam.

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Posted by Abdul at May 26, 2010 4:06 PM

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