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May 20, 2010

Obama administration caught red-handed

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As in caught red-handed in a bold-faced lie over it's claimed insurance support for small business owners.

Moe Lane explains - it's business (at the WH) as usual:

  • Zach owns a small business (24 employees, average salary $35K) and provides them with health care ($79.2K/year).

  • He has already seen a 15% increase in health care costs this year, so he is quite keen to hear about insurance relief.

  • The White House's PR flunkies were bragging about a program that gives "broad eligibility" to companies with less than 25 employees and average salaries below $50K.

  • Zach is covered both ways! Bring on that insurance relief!

  • ... Oh. If you have more than 10 employees and average salaries above $20K ... well. The answer is, no, at Zach's level he's not getting insurance relief.

  • And here's the important thing: he was actually told otherwise by the White House's PR flunkies, remember?

  • We call that "a lie."

  • And - possibly more importantly - "business as usual."
As Moe goes on to point out, although the merit of providing insurance subsidies to small business owners is a legitimate point of contention for political debate, it's impossible to have a substantive policy debate when we have an administration that uses deliberately misleading, idealistic-sounding, rhetoric to dishonestly push its political agendas.

So much for kind of promised "change" some had "hoped" for. Of course, many of us knew what Obama really was - just an empty suit with colorful rhetoric and a blank slate upon which fools saw what they wanted to see.

Posted by Richard at May 20, 2010 10:24 AM

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