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May 13, 2010

New Marco Rubio ad: Take the money and run

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Via Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air:

One might think that after flip-flopping on staying in the Republican Party, Charlie Crist would be a little more sensitive to keeping his word on other campaign promises -- say, for instance, the promise to return campaign contributions to people who had labored under the delusion that Crist meant what he said about being Republican. Marco Rubio's team hits Crist with another web ad the day after Crist reneged on yet another pledge, marrying up Crist's commitment to refunds to the Steve Miller Band's "Take the Money and Run."

Given Independent/Democrat Governor Charlie 'The Chuckster" Crist's "shiftiness and a lack of coherent political philosophy," and his long and growing record of broken promises and flip-flops, the ad should ring well with voters:

Marco Rubio by contrast, has articulated a compelling case for his candidacy throughout this campaign by standing firm on critical principles; he's put forth a specific platform free of ambiguity; he has been unafraid to take bold positions on controversial issues when necessary, and perhaps most importantly, he does not disrespect the electorate by treating them as if they were dumb as rocks, clearly recognizing that voters have had it with political doublespeak and deception, and are demanding direct accountability.
Readers can help defeat Independent/Democrat/Obama, Reid, Pelosi supporter Charlie Crist by donating to Marco Rubio's campaign here.

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Posted by Richard at May 13, 2010 11:09 AM

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