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May 6, 2010

Marriage For Jihad


Andy McCarthy on Faisal Shahzad's use of the "tried-and-true terror formula" in which the potential jihadist marries an American woman to gain citizenship:

Observing that Faisal Shahzad's "path to American citizenship" unfolded when he "married an American woman, Huma Mian, in 2008 after spending a decade in the country on foreign student and employment visas," Michelle Malkin observes that this "is a tried-and-true terror formula. Jihadists have been gaming the sham marriage racket with impunity for years. And immigration benefit fraud has provided invaluable cover and aid for U.S.-based Islamic plotters, including many other operatives planning attacks on New York City." Michelle goes on to recount the murderer's row of jihadists - Sayyid Nosair, Ali Mohamed, Wadih El Hage, et al. - who have married their way to American citizenship ... the better to make war on America. Read it all, here. Unfortunately, San Francisco, Oakland, Boston, Washington and other blue cities far removed from life on the border would sooner boycott Arizona than rethink U.S. immigration law.
One would think that any rational person, unhindered by a cloud of liberal-progressive, misplaced, compassion and the inability to make common sense choices about immigration reform affecting our national security, would have by now, already cried out for reforms that would have closed the dangerous holes in our immigration law.

However, the qualifier here is of course that "ability to make common sense choices unhindered by a cloud of liberal-progressive, misplaced, compassion," which of course leaves out not only those blue cities McCarthy speaks of, but virtually every Democrat in Congress.

Fortunately, there is a cure for the problem, and it begins in November 2010 - and is completed in 2012. Get rid of Democrat control of Congress and the WH.

Posted by Richard at May 6, 2010 7:38 AM

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