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May 19, 2010

Liberals' to religious leaders: Replace your faith with the religion of global warming

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6a00d8341c145e53ef010536f053df970c-800wi.jpgHow quickly and easily liberals abandon former claims, only to embrace a doctrine they formerly screamed against - when it suits their political purposes. Take, for example, the case of liberals' abandonment of the non-existent "Constitutional" doctrine of "separation of church and state" in order to push a political agenda. Their "separation of church and state" claim is now "under the bus" in order that they essentially establish global warming as the official religion of America - with disastrous economic results - despite the collapsing science and political agenda behind it (Barack Obama is actually planning to use faith-based programs to push the religion of Greenicanism on America's churches).

In his lengthy and highly informative article at The American Thinker, Peter Ferraro writes:

Even though the Constitution does not include the words "separation of church and state," liberals have long treated that concept as a hallowed fundamental doctrine of constitutional law. But no more. With the recent introduction of new Senate cap and trade legislation, ultraliberal supporters Barbara Boxer, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama and others have now completely abandoned that doctrine in their quest to establish global warming dogma as the official, established religion of the United States.

Under that legislation, everyone in America will be forced to tithe to the new religion through higher prices for electricity, gasoline, natural gas, coal, home heating oil, jet fuel, food (especially meat), and every product produced or transported with such energy sources. Indeed, prices will soar high enough to reduce fossil fuel use and the resulting carbon dioxide emissions back to the per capita levels of 1870!

The legislation will further force Americans to engage in ritual sacrifices to the established religion, slashing back on powerful, roomy cars and SUVS, air conditioning, heat, PCs, laptops, big screen TVs, cell phones, iPods, backyard barbecues, manufacturing jobs, and traditional American prosperity. They will be forced to worship the modern, hip, pagan dogma with smaller "carbon footprints." If they do not profess their true belief, they will be shouted out of public life as troglodyte "deniers," just as those who did not faithfully maintain membership in the established Church of England were disqualified from holding public office.

But if they do faithfully follow the global warming catechism of cap and trade, they will be rewarded with the eternal salvation of a reduction in the projected rise of global temperatures of 0.2 degrees Fahrenheit by 2050, based on the UN's own climate models. Hallelujah! Praise the AlGore!

Given Climategate, all the other recent revelations discrediting the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and the emerging modern science falsifying the notion of man-caused global warming, the continued fevered embrace of costly cap and trade legislation by Washington's ultraliberals can only be considered faith-based wilding out. The lack of scientific grounding for such policies was made clear by the just completed Fourth International Conference on Climate Change sponsored by the Heartland Institute in Chicago.

Be sure to read it all ...

And in yet another case of abandoning ther fictional Constitutional issue of "separation of church and state," Nancy Pelose Nancy Pelosi is encouraging the Catholic clergy to campaign for immigration reform from the pulpit during Sunday mass.

Posted by Richard at May 19, 2010 7:02 AM

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