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May 19, 2010

CNN Has Lost 7 Million Visitors In Only 8 Months

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All one need to do to know that CNN - which "caters to a primarily left wing, center-left audience," is headed about as deep in the toilet as Barack Obama is to glance at this data from CNN Political Bias Watch:


As we have been reporting here, CNN is becoming a disaster. Their viewership on TV is degrading and is dead last in almost all programming hours. Even Fox News' Red Eye program which airs at 3AM EST beats CNN 8PM primetime programming in demographics. Embarrassing. But now, there's more. CNN has, over the course of the last 8 months, lost over 7,000,000 unique visitors to their website. That means that the 7 million people who were visiting their website, are now, not. Where'd they go?

[...] With journalism offenders at CNN such as Rick Sanchez, Don Lemon, Peter Hamby, Ed Hornick, Susan Roesgen (fired), KC Estenson (Manager), Roland Martin, TJ Holmes, Martina Stewart, and Anderson Cooper, it's no surprise that this is happening ...

Over at AIM, Don Irvine writes:
The drop off is startling as networks have frequently brushed off ratings declines by pointing to their website traffic which has tended to hold steady or increase slightly as viewers cross over to the web.

If the House that Ted built doesn't get an extreme makeover soon they may find themselves becoming totally irrelevant in the near future.

The extreme makeover Irvine speaks of should start by dropping their liberal agenda and beginning to actually report the news and truly present both sides of a political view instead of simply spinning for Barack and the Democrats.

And it seems that even Campbell Brown has had enough of CNN's spin machine and has left them. I can't help but wonder when others will follow. When even their commentators begin to call them out on their spin, you know it's not just their audience's perception.

Posted by Richard at May 19, 2010 10:26 AM

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