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May 14, 2010

Americans are drowning in govenment's lies

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Although most Americans don't need someone to remind them that our government is drowing us in its lies, Alan Caruba has a piece up today that points some of them out for those that are oblivious to what our government is doing (need I suggest that the latter is comprised primarily of Democrats and a few still-confused Independents?).

Cartoon - Government Control.png

It's not just the lies about climate change.

It's not just the lies about renewable, wind and solar, energy.

It's not just the lies about so-called endangered species.

It's not just that the Obama administration refuses to name Islam as the source of the terrorist attacks on America.

It's not just the government takeover auto manufacturers or insurance companies.

It's not just a Federal Reserve that is not subject to audit, nor its purchase from banks (at 100 cents on the dollar) of billions in "toxic assets", nor the fact that it is free to flood the economy with currency with shockingly little congressional oversight.

It's not just that a new oil refinery has not been built since the 1970s, nor that new nuclear plants are not being built here while elsewhere around the world they are being constructed with growing rapidity.

It's not just that federally sponsored entities like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae own the vast bulk of all the mortgages in America or that they are primarily responsible for the financial crisis the nation suffered.

It's not just that banks and mortgage firms were required to make loans to people who clearly could not repay them.

It's not just that the latest nominee to the Supreme Court has been selected exclusively on the basis of her socialist viewpoint or lacks a record of judicial experience.

Continue reading, the list continues ...

One glaring omission I noticed on Alan's list is the whoppers Obama and the Democrats told us about Obamacare. Compared to the lies our government told us about Obamacare, the list of lies on Alan's list look like just a warm-up - because after all has been said and done, it turns out that all the fearmongers were right on Obamacare.

Posted by Richard at May 14, 2010 1:25 PM

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