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May 14, 2010

A video study in contrasts: Atty Gen. Eric Holder vs Lt Col. Allen West on radical Islam

Yesterday we posted on Attorney General Eric Holder's pussyfooting and high-stepping around the term "radical Islam," and compared a video on Holder's testimony to a video of Lt. Col. Allen West speaking on jihadism and Islam. Today, Nice Deb has posted this video that clearly demonstrates Holder's obfuscation vs the clarity of Lt. Col. Allen West - it is indeed a case of weasel words vs hard truths":

We also pointed to Jennifer Rubin's comments yesterday on Holder's stumbling over radical Islam's role in terrorism:
.... Stumbling on and on under questioning by Rep. Lamar Smith, Holder makes apparent the Obama administration's political and moral confusion about the enemy we are fighting. The question is simple: did radical Islam motivate the attacks that have occurred since Obama assumed the presidency? Holder seems utterly unwilling or unable to formulate a coherent response, and tragically unable to distinguish between radical jihadism and the Muslim religion more generally. If you want to know what is deficient in the Obama team's conception and approach to the war against Islamic fundamentalists, you will find no better example. One wonders -- how would Obama respond?
What continues to be demonstrated by the Obami is that they are either ideologically unable or unwilling to admit the truth - radical Islam is our enemy and is responsible for 95% of the terrorism on the planet and at least 60% of all Muslims have the potential to be jihadists. And to think that in the meantime, we've got fools like Holder and the rest of the Obami charged with protecting us. Scary!

Posted by Richard at May 14, 2010 2:14 PM

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