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April 23, 2010

WH Correspondents provide more proof they're in the man-made global-warming tank

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Via NewsBusters, as though we needed yet another sign of just how deep the MSM is in the global-warming tank, the White House Correspondents Association [WHCA] has announced that it is buying carbon credit offsets for travel connected with its big annual dinner.

This leaves little question as to how fair-and-balanced the WH correspondents' reporting of global-warming issues has been and can expected to be in the future.

Yet no one should be surprised by such evidence of the media's "in the tankness." As Media Research Center reported yesterday, this has been going on for more than twenty years:

For more than two decades, the so-called mainstream media have preached the dangers of manmade global warming, insisting American businesses and consumers must make massive economic sacrifices to ward off a global climate catastrophe. Not even last November’s exposure of e-mails from leading scientists on the alarmist side of the debate - showing them conniving to fudge or suppress data, discredit critics and distort the peer review process - has caused journalists to finally take a skeptical approach to radical environmentalists’ doomsaying.

A new study from the MRC’s Business & Media Institute documents how ABC, CBS and NBC have been just as strident in their advocacy in the months following “ClimateGate” as they were in the 20 years that preceded the scandal. At the same time, a review of the Media Research Center’s archives going back to the late 1980s shows just how strongly reporters have pushed the liberal line on global warming.

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Posted by Richard at April 23, 2010 10:41 AM

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