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April 13, 2010

Re: A Nuclear Iran No Big Deal?

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Jennifer Rubin on Barack Obama dire warning about terrorists' getting hold of nuclear weapons, while essentially ignoring the most likely conduit for terrorists, a nuclear-armed Iran:

.... we have a president pledging devotion to nonproliferation who has disclaimed interest in a military strike against the greatest potential nuclear threat we face and who is trying to pass off watered-down sanctions as an effective response to the mullahs' nuclear ambitions. Obama called for a "new mindset" and pooh-poohed mere "pledges." Fair enough. Then why not a firm and unconditional statement that the U.S. will do whatever it takes to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran? Why not encourage Congress to proceed with refined-petroleum sanctions and to make clear to the Russians and Chinese that their support for only gruel-thin sanctions is insufficient? Well, he seems to think Iran's not really the problem -- or that's the latest gambit to deflect from his failed Iran policy.

Obama is painting himself into a corner with his high-flying rhetoric. Should he permit Iran - the most significant state sponsor of terrorist groups - to attain their nuclear ambitions (a likely outcome unless his policy changes dramatically), he will rightly be identified as the president who most endangered not only Israel's security but ours as well. Frankly, if Iran goes nuclear, no one is going to buy the notion that it's no big deal and that the name of the game then is to keep Iran from giving the nukes to their surrogates. Obama's suggestion that we really need not worry about nation-states is once again confirmation of his unseriousness about thwarting Iran's nuclear plans.

Unserious about thwarting Iran's nuclear plans, indeed. Apparently Obama is too busy with addressing uranium transfers commemorated with much fanfare at this week's summit.

Posted by Richard at April 13, 2010 3:42 PM

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