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April 30, 2010

Patriot Groups Will Kickoff National Arizona BUYcott

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Preserving American Liberty has announced that Fred and Jeri Thompson, Liz Cheney and J.C. Watts will join Sarah Palin at the Independence Events Center, Saturday, May 1, 2010 for the Winning Back America Conference at which a National Arizona BUYcott will be announced.


More at Gateway Pundit.

diamondbacks.gifEver since I heard that the pro-immigration, pro-breaking immigration law, racially-inspired, individual whackos, and far-left, pro-illegal immigrant Kool-Aid drinking moonbat cities, calling for a boycott of Arizona, I've had the inclination to buy-Arizona. Then when I heard about the call for a boycott of even the Arizona Diamondbacks, that sent me over the top. While I'm not a fan of the Diamondbacks, I am a sports fan, and sports should be beyond politics - especially when it regards race. So I've decided to wear my support of Arizona and its baseball team by buying an Arizona Diamondback baseball cap and wearing it to my local Mexican restaurants and every time I see our community landscapers drive up. Other Diamondback gear can be found here. It's a simple step and a small and maybe insignificant action to take. But it gets the message across that I'm all for immigrants to come to America legally, or not at all, and that I support Arizona supporting immigration law that our federal government has failed to do.

As I've previously written, it's hard to find any logic in arguing against a law that makes it illegal for illegal aliens to break a law that already exists. So don't count me among the "53 percent of those same people said they worry it could lead to civil-rights violations." As we noted here, racial profiling in college admissions, public employment, the awarding of government contracts, and in the Obama regime's descriptions of tea partiers, critics of Obamacare, talk-radio hosts, and Cambridge cops is apparently okay - but illegal aliens that have broken our laws by sneaking across our border and remaining here, illegally, is somehow wrong and mean spirited? This is nuts.

So, the take-home message is clear: Join the Buycott, snub racially-motivated stupidity, and buy Arizona.

Unwarranted hysterics by the open-border crowd
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Posted by Richard at April 30, 2010 2:33 PM

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