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April 18, 2010

Muslims attack girl who converted to Christianity with acid - after fatwas call for spilling of her father's blood

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As Robert Spencer reminds us, Dina el-Gowhary appealed to Obama for help last year, but as one might expect from our Apologist-in-Chief, no help was forthcoming.

peterdinaathanasius.jpgVia AINA: "Muslim Egyptian Girl Who Converted to Christianity Subjected to Acid Attack":

Dina el-Gowhary, the 15-year-old Egyptian Muslim-born girl who converted to Christianity, was subjected to an acid attack, the latest in a string of failed attempts by Muslim fanatics against her and her father, 57-year-old Peter Athanasius (Maher el-Gowhary), who converted to Christianity 35 years ago. Several Fatwa's were issued calling for the "spilling of his blood," which makes their lives in constant danger in the face of the reactionaries and advocates for the enforcement of Islamic apostasy laws, which call for the death of a convert.

Dina said that three weeks ago as she ventured out from their hiding place in Alexandria with her father to get some bottled water, her jacket was set on fire due to acid being thrown at her. "My father quickly took my jacket off before the fire reached my arms. Ever since then I am terrorized to go out in the street, with or without my father."

Through an aired interview with Freecopts advocacy Dina addressed an open letter to President Mubarak of Egypt begging him to save her and her father and allow them to leave Egypt.

She said that she had written previously to President Obama, who got her message and responded to it (AINA 11-17-2009). It was reported that the el-Gowharys met with the US Committee on International Religious Freedom on their last visit to Egypt in January 2010, and that they have asked for asylum in the United States (Fox News video).

Dina wonders whether she will get the same attention from President Mubarak as she did from President Obama. "Will he listen and lend us a helping hand, if, as they claim, he truly does not differentiate between Muslim and Christian citizens?" She asked the Egyptian President, who newly became grandfather to a baby girl "Do you accept that your granddaughter would live under the same conditions like mine? I have no home, I am always afraid when I go to church or even go out in the street, I have no friends and no education."

In her letter to President Mubarak, Dina expressed her deep distress at the mistreatment and continuous troubles she finds everywhere she goes, including being beaten and humiliated. She tells of how "because of her love for Jesus" she left her Muslim mother and went to live with her Christian father, abandoning school where she was persecuted by teachers and students. "I was threatened many times before. Once coming back from school, a bearded young man stepped out of a car, lifted me through my clothes from the ground and warned me that if my father and myself do not go back to Islam, both of us will be killed."

Related: Dhimmitude on a bus:
... religious freedom bus ads in Miami ... were pulled by Miami-Dade Transit for being "offensive to Islam." CAIR's Muhammed Malik said: "Islam guarantees freedom to and freedom from religion."
Who does this clown Malik think he's fooling! The words "Islam" and "freedom" in fact are extreme polar opposite - truly conspicuously different in
all respects, in meaning, as has been proven by the case of not only Dina el-Gowhary and her father, but in countless others as well.

Posted by Richard at April 18, 2010 10:50 AM

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