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April 29, 2010

An appropriate perspective on the Arizona immigration law

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Jonah Goldberg offers an interesting, and I think highly appropriate, perspective on Arizona's new crack down on illegal immigration:

On Monday, Matt Lauer of "Today" in terviewed Joe Arpaio, the Maricopa County, Ariz., sheriff who's made a national name for himself cracking down on illegal immigration. Lauer noted that Arizona's new immigration bill has the support of 70 percent of Arizonans. "But get this," Lauer added, "53 percent of those same people said they worry it could lead to civil-rights violations."

Lauer and others seem to think that there's something of a contradiction here. I don't see it, perhaps because it describes my own position so well. I support the Arizona law, but I'm also worried that it could lead to civil-rights abuses.

It seems that whenever government expands either its powers or its enforcement efforts, you should be worried that it could go too far. But such worries have to be balanced against necessity.

I agree that there's something ugly about the police asking citizens for their "papers." (There's nothing particularly ugly about asking illegal immigrants for their papers, though.) There's also something ugly about American citizens being physically searched at airports, or about IRS agents prying into nearly all of your personal-financial transactions or, thanks to the passage of ObamaCare, serving as health-insurance enforcers.

In other words, many government functions are unappealing. That's not in itself an argument against them. The Patriot Act was ugly -- and necessary. (Emphasis added

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Personally, I find no logic in arguing against a law that makes it illegal for illegal aliens to break a law that already exists. So don't count me among the "53 percent of those same people said they worry it could lead to civil-rights violations." As we noted here, racial profiling in college admissions, public employment, the awarding of government contracts, and in the Obama regime's descriptions of tea partiers, critics of Obamacare, talk-radio hosts, and Cambridge cops is apparently okay - but illegal aliens that have broken our laws by sneaking across our border and remaining here, illegally, is somehow wrong and mean spirited? This is nuts.

After all, as Rich Lowry points out ober at NRO, the Arizona law makes it a state crime for aliens not to have immigration documents on their person - and that's been a federal crime for more than half a century.

So clearly, liberals have a severely misplaced sense of justice. This is especially true for our president, Dr. Utopia, who 'misguidingly' has the chutzpah to call the Arizona law misguided.

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Posted by Richard at April 29, 2010 8:34 AM

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