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April 14, 2010

21st Century Islam At Work: Mogadishu Bans Music Broadcasts

Topics: Understanding Islam

John L. Work writes:

Music and advertising jingles are but a recent memory now in Mogadishu, Somalia, as radio stations have surrendered to Muslim demands to stop broadcasting them. Robert Spencer's take on this development over at Jihadwatch is here. England, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden - indeed, all of Europe stands at the brink of similar circumstances facing music lovers in Somalia. Sharia courts of law now operate in England, which is at the demographic tipping point of acceding to Muslim demands for complete surrender. Britain is in dire straits.

Look at any Muslim state that is governed under Sharia (Islamic law) and you can see what is in store for the world, including The United States, if the World of Islam has its way. To analyze Islam only in the spiritual context of man's relationship to the Divine is to entirely miss the larger political, legal and punitive components of the greatest threat to freedom ever faced by civilization as we in the Western World understand the word.

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Don't think for a moment that what's going on in Mogadishu and throughout Europe can't happen here in the U.S. Sooner or later Americans are going to have to decide whether they're going to continue to allow creeping sharia by being politically-correct, or recognize that Islam is NOT COMPATIBLE with democracy. The tell tale signs of creeping Sharia (Islamic law) can already be seen through lawsuits and demands made by Muslims in America on an almost daily basis. The choice is ours - submit to Islam's agenda, or insist that Muslims adopt to our customs and our form of government that has no room for sharia law. Muslims are not special, and must not be allowed to put themselves above the rights of every American.

As Fjordman has written, Islamic laws are incompatible with the ancient Western ideas of freedom of conscience and of speech.

Thus, sharia is anathema to the goals of democracy. Sharia is also hostile to equality before the law, since Islamic law is based on the fundamental inequality between Muslims and non-Muslims, men and women, free men and slaves. Moreover, it does not provide any protection for minorities, since non-Muslims are supposed to be unarmed and their lives and property subject to the whims of Muslims at any given moment. Although Islam does contain the vague Koranic notion of shura, consultation, this has never been formalized or concretized, which means that there are no formal constraints on the power of the ruler under sharia. The only thing an Islamic ruler may not do is openly to reject Islam.
Admittedly, America is no Mogadishu, and so far we're no Britain (although Obamacare is a giant leap towards America being like Britain), but turning a blind eye to the threat of creeping sharia here in America can only continue to weaken our democracy.

Posted by Richard at April 14, 2010 9:16 AM

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