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March 2010

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March 31, 2010

Obama allies: 'Now we can stop pretending the insurance companies are the enemy'
Unbelievable, Even By MSNBC Standards
Ilya Shapiro: 'Will Debate Constitutionality of Obamacare Anytime, Anywhere' (Updated)
Video: Tea Party Leader Pam Stout Puts Liberal Letterman In His Place
Fox's Bill O'Reilly Pays Legal Bill for Fallen Marine's Father
Disturbing Injustice: 'The Disappearing Blood Stain'
Fox: Obama to sign new CO2 restrictions by executive order (Updated)
Socialist Obama's Distorted Logic Behind 'Attempts' At Healing The Partisan Divide
Re: Charles Johnson "Fairly Sure" the Tennesee State Flag is a Neo-Nazi Logo

March 30, 2010

The Media's War On Dissent
Laura Ingraham Kicks Ass in Matt Lauer Interview (Video)
CNN March Ratings Not As Bad As February's
'Embedded Black' Says Tea Parties Not Racist
'Joy Behar' Guest Host Gives Perfect Example of Bias against Catholic Church'
Video: Virginia politicians invited to Dar al Hijrah Islamic Center fundraiser
Obama' Labels Tea Parties A Birther Movement
Heritage President Ed Feulner Responds to President Obama's False Claims
Why Obamacare Could Be Repealed
Wash. Times: First doctors group sue to overturn health care act
A Quiet Anger
A Complete List of Barack Obama 's Broken Promises
Re: 'God-Shaped Hole'

March 29, 2010

Obama Donor Arrested For Death Threats Against Eric Cantor & Family
Florida Poll: Obamacare really sucks
'Secretary of Haircuts'
Obama (and Congressional Democrats) in Rude Denial
Re: Obama's 'wild' recess appointment

March 27, 2010

Big Brother won't stand for criticism: Set to Bully Companies That Dare To Point Out ObamaCare's Costs

March 26, 2010

Obama Just Got His Private Army
A primer on how the Left fakes the hate
Mind-boggling baloney from Cardinal Mahoney
Mind-boggling baloney from Cardinal Mahoney
Mind-boggling baloney from Cardinal Mahoney
Mind-boggling baloney from Cardinal Mahoney
Mind-boggling baloney from Cardinal Mahony
Now that we 'know what's in it'
It begins
CNN Poll: Obama tied in hypothetical 2012 match-up against 'unnamed' Republican
Placing Blame For 'Politically-Inspired Violence'
A New Twist On The Repeal Movement That Just Might Work
Something's fishy in Ohio (Again)
Re: 'Religiously Marching for Immigration'

March 25, 2010

Iran Massively Rearming Hezbollah in Violation of UN Security Council Resolution
Health Care All About Wealth Redistribution
Binyamin Netanyahu humiliated by Barack Obama
TV Ad: Tea Party Express Tells Faker Scott Ashjian to "Get Lost!"
Rasmussen measures glowing media coverage of Obama and Obamacare
ObamaCare a winning issue ...
And the real party of 'no' is ....
Social Security going into the red
The 'Image' of Change
Lloyd Marcus to America: ' Stop allowing yourselves to be "played" and intimidated by Obama's race'
Sarkozy: France to ban Muslim veil
Why do I get the feeling we are 'so...' screwed!
Re: 'Pulling the Plug on the "Living" Constitution'

March 24, 2010

So what else did the Dems leave out of Obamacare that they thought they put in?
Re: Stupak and hypocrisy redefined
'The New Deal, the Square Deal, and now the 'Big F**n Deal'
Feb New Home Sales 'Unexpectedly' Lowest On Record
Video: 3 Reasons you have to be a moron to believe Obamacare reduces deficit
Fallout: Doctors begin resigning over ObamaCare
Obama lied: 'No Obamacare for Obama'
Freudian slip
Dems and media slaphappy over Obamacare's passing
Understand the truth about Obamacare
Sound advice for the GOP and Americans that love their country

March 23, 2010

Sen. John Cornyn (R., Texas): GOP Won't Run on Full Repeal
'Giggling like schoolgirls over their victory'
Thomas Sowell: '... 2010 election may be the last chance to halt the dismantling of America'
Our 'Jihadist-in-Chief' Will Not Allow Photographs With Israel's Prime Minister
Video: Biden Drops the F-bomb At HC Bill Signing
What Happened To Obama's Promise To Allow Public 5 Days To View Bills Before He Signs Them?
Onward To Our Next Mandate ...
Re: Mexican flags at immigration march
Does Obama Have A European-Style VAT Tax Planned For the U.S.?
Obama's (Faux) Purple Politics
Did Senior Staff Who Wrote the Bill Exempted Themselves From Obamacare?

March 22, 2010

Al Sharpton: 'The American Public Overwhelmingly Voted for Socialism When They Elected President Obama'
'The Unbreakable Theory That Shall Doom ObamaCare in Short Order'
London Telegraph: 'A Dark Day for Freedom in America'
State Attorneys General Agree To Immediately File Constitutional Challenge To Obamacare
Pakistan Christian 'Burned', Wife 'Raped', For Refusing Islam
Union of American Socialist Republics - Day 1

March 21, 2010

John Boehner's emotional appeal
Paul Ryan: Remarks on House Floor in opposition of Majority's Health Care Bill
Krauthammer's ominous prognosis
Video proof: Stupak lied about health care vote all along
Alleged 'meaningless' executive order on abortion leaked
Obamacare: Communism defined
Stupak voting yes? (update - 'It's over'!) (Update to update - Stupak is still a firm 'no' as of 1:27 PM EDT)(Final update - Stupak caves)
Re: 'Health care to nowhere'
WND: Senate changes 'rules' to protect 'death panels'
Be forewarned: A vote for health care is a vote for higher taxes, fewer benefits, higher premiums and bigger deficits
Key House Democrat: 'There Are No Rules Here - We Make Them Up As We Go Along'
Stupak close to deal with White House
Re: 'Items for the GOP to Begin Investigating Once They Take Back Power'

March 20, 2010

Is the AFL-CIO Getting Federal Dollars to Support Obamacare?
Analysts Say Health Care Bill Would Strain States By Expanding Medicaid
Alarming: Democrats health care plan WILL NOT PROTECT military health plans
NRO: Stupak is 'Finished with Pelosi'
Rasmussen: Obama at 43% approval
What's up with Fox's vote count?
More deals (bribes) in health care bill

March 19, 2010

RGA Video: America's Comeback
Is this a photo of Natalie Holloway's remains?
Smoking gun: Democratic memo instructs staffers to mislead voters and media on "doctor fix" (Updated)
I just saw Billy Mays, live on TV
Rasmussen: Obama approval at -21
Re: ObamaCare Target List
Looking at the bright side of the Obama presidency
Obamacare: Are Americans really so stupid?
Senate Plan Would Pay for Abortions at Community Health Centers

March 18, 2010

Rahm Emanuel: 'Fake Bipartisanship' a better way
Re: 'CAIR Seeks to Censor Books on Radical Islam'
Saul Alinsky on the meaning of 'reconciliation'
Polls: Narcissist-in-Chief continues to tank (Obamacare along with him)
John Boehner (R-OH): 'This is Not About You Mr. President, it's about the American people'
Video: 90 Seconds to Gov't Run Healthcare
CBO's latest score exposes Dems' chicanery (Updated)
Walgreens in Wash. State: No new Medicaid patients as of April 16

March 17, 2010

Rasmussen poll: GOP opens up ten-point lead on generic Congressional ballot
NEMJ poll results show 46% of family practitioners will feel forced out of medicine if ObamaCare passes
Hoyer tells straight out lie about WSJ poll results on health care support
The 'Dark Side' of what the Dems are really saying about health care
lgf On BBC
Democrats ignoring health care reform's canary in the coalmine (Updated)

March 16, 2010

Heritage Foundation: Obamacare Slaughter Rule is without Precedent
House Democrats want Obama's trip delayed again
Some Democrats were opposed to Slaughter-like solutions before they were for it
Townhall: 'Texas Kicks Out Liberal Bias From Textbooks'
Is this the week democracy dies in America?
Re: Hugh Hewitt: Key Democratic Blogger Tells Us How To Direct Fire (Game Plan)
Awesome video: Stupak as Braveheart stands against Obama and Pelosi
The bottom line for Democrats who vote for the Slaughter rule
Must-watch videos: Rep. Paul Ryan slams reconciliation, Slaughter solution, backroom sleazy deals behind HCR - Fox News' Jim Engle esposes Obama's lies about Medicare

March 15, 2010

America 'hearts' conservatism
Obama foreign policy failure: Ties between Israel and US 'worst in 35 years'
The 'Great Reneger'
Re: Whip Count at 191-Y; 203-N: w/ 4 Priority Democrats To Target
Re: Obama on the brink (Poster child for the Peter Principle)
Obama Administration Files Brief Supporting Racial Discriminatio Against Whites in University Admissions
Sobering poll news for 35 key House members
Eric Holder hid his agenda from the Senate Judiciary Committee (and Legal counsel to some of the detainees provided them propaganda)
NYT outraged that private contractors used to track and kill Islamic terrorists
Does Barack Obama provide 'womanly leadership'?
'Shell' 2,300 page reconciliation health care bill includes public option, abortion funding, and butchers Constitution

March 14, 2010

Anti-Catholic Daily Kos Blogger: 'Stalin Was a Piker' Compared to 'the Christian God'
Re: Thank You, Bart Stupak

March 13, 2010

Democrats' Abandon Promise of Posting New Obamacare Bill 72 Hours Before Vote (Also plan to circumvent Constitution)
Coffee Party holds party - 30 people show up
Don't Be Fooled - 'Health Care Bill Is Massive Abortion Funding Bill'
If You Don't Know About Obama's Mandatory 'Service Learning' For Ages 14 - 21 ...
Muslims pushing for right to push Islam in Islamic 'public school'
Yet Another Dem Dirty Trick: Fake Catholic Group Supports Senate's Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill

March 12, 2010

Obamacare blowback: Democratic candidates distance themselves from healthcare reform
ObamaCare: The Time To Be Heard Is Now
A Damn Good Ad, But ...
David Brooks Has It Wrong - Both the Left And Right Have Obama Pegged Correctly
Democrat Pollsters Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen: 'Comprehensive health-care initiative is a failure, regardless of whether it passes'
Obama: Good for me but not for thee

March 11, 2010

Obama's doctor cousin blasts Obamacare
Virginia General Assembly votes to ban health-insurance mandate
Now it's 'salt'?
Louise Slaughter (D - NY) 'Channels her inner Chairman Mao'
Pelosi lied
Radical Move for a Radical Bill to prop up a Radical President

March 10, 2010

The protest at the AHIP insurance company conference in DC was astroturfed
Pelosi: 'We have to pass the bill so you can see what's in it'
Rasmussen: Obama at lowest Approval Index rating yet recorded
Re Our Campaigner-in-Chief

March 9, 2010

Obama's already on to pushing 'climate change'
Michelle Malkin Questions Glenn Beck on Eric Massa Appearance
NRO: Why Democrats Don't Care about $9.7 Trillion in Debt
New Video Accuses Pelosi and Obama of "Lying" on Abortion Funding in Healthcare
Four big obstacles still remain for Obamacare
Is Stupak for sale?
Premature baby born at 25 weeks weighing half a pound survives

March 8, 2010

CBO: Obama Budget Takes Debt to $20 Trillion By 2020
Eric Massa to Rip Democrats on Glenn Beck's Fox News Show on Tuesday
Help Stop Obamacare: Tell Eric Massa (D-NY) Not to Resign (Updated)
Jobs picture worse than published - includes 'temporary' census jobs
The arrogance of statism exposed
Rasmussen: Obama tanks 2 more points in 24 hours
Healthcare and the History of Reconciliation
Terrorists Welcome at FAU - Conservatives Forbidden
Dems to teach their candidates how to sound tough on national defense
Re: 'Obama Bribes, Threatens, and Rewards Congress to Pass Health Care'
The Obama Way Is Not the American Way

March 7, 2010

Muslims Murder 100s Of Christians In Nigeria
ICYMI: SNL Mocks Obama, Pelosi, Reid and 'Unpopular' Healthcare Reform

March 6, 2010

US Private Industry - that's a bad thing, unless of course it involves Muslim entrepreneurship
-17 and Dropping
Every Dollar Spent Should Be Paid For
Obama administration's Syrian engagement policy: 'Fruitless ingratiation with despots, disregard for human rights, and predictable (horrible) results'
'Obama's guide to blustering, bullying, and bribing'
Walk Into My Parlor Said the Spider To the Fly
Pelosi's House Didn't Drain The Swamp

March 5, 2010

$1 Trillion
Mixed Messages On ObamaCare
Christian Science Monitor Falsely Labels John Patrick Bedel As Right-Wing Extremist
O's Growing Credibility Deficit

March 4, 2010

Krauthammer's take: 'Yes we can' means 'yes, I can do anything I damn well please'
Chief Justice Roberts Not Stepping Down Despite Report
House Passage of Heath Bill by March 18?
Proposed 2011 HUD Budget Calls For Suspension of Funding For Senior's Affordable Housing
An 'unsustainable condition' - before Obamacare
Judgeship for Obamacare vote? 'Barack Obama grants judgeship to brother of undecided bluedog' (Updated)
The Blue Dogs Need To Hear From You
Convinced Yet?
The ICC's 'Blank-Prose Crime of Aggression' And the Obama Administration's Insane Willingness To Sign On To It
There are no 'Blue Dog' Democrats - all are liberal, big-spending, partisan ideologues
Re: Protest of Muslim Capital Day in Tallahassee, Florida
Would the Last Honest Reporter Please Turn On the Lights (Redux)

March 3, 2010

Fox News Uncovers Names of DOJ's 'al-Qaeda 7'
60% of U.S. Citizens: Only force can stop Iran
MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Slanders Tea Party Movement in Wild Display of Political Bias
CNN is dying
$7 a gallon gas?
Obama administration sees coyotes, badgers, grouse, chickens and lizards as more important than Americans
Rutgers University Global Snow Lab: 2001-2010 the Snowiest Decade on Record
Medicare's not fixed - and Obamacare will make it worse
WSJ on Reconciliation: 'An extraordinary abuse of traditional Senate rules to pass a bill merely because they think it's good for the rest of us'
Has Lid Blown Off 'Walpingate"? (And what it says about the Left)
Obamacare - Still a Threat to Your Life

March 2, 2010

'Four' (or is it five?)
Is the party just about over for unions?
Washington Times Editorial: 'Democrats want to ruin a system that's the envy of the world'
The 'Inconvenient Truth' About the Media's Coverage of Global Warming
Detroit News attacks Democrats' use of reconciliation to pass Obamacare
Lifelong Democratic Party loyalist and activist Lynn Forester de Rothschild to Democrats: 'I told you so' (Obama a far-left ideologue)

March 1, 2010

Harry Reid Tanks Ever-Deeper
Catholic and pro-life leaders: Democrats' Health Reform Would Fund Even More Abortions Than Previous Versions