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February 3, 2010

(Video) 'Tango Mike Mike' - the call sign of Medal of Honor recipient Roy P. Menendez

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Via Wizbang, this 6 minute must see video describes the heroic actions of Army Sergeant and Medal of Honor recipient Roy P. Benevidez. As RJ over at Paul Revere Riders aptly noted, if it doesn't bring pride to your heart and a tear to your eye, your a cold hearted SOB:

In the 'more info' section at YouTube (posted by Michael19591123), the following information that makes this story all the more incredible (H/t - Wizbang):

I did this as a way to honor all those who have struggled to come back from serving our country in times of war. The most interesting part for me was something I didn't find out until after I created this photoplay, was that this was Roy's second tour. He had been so gravely wounded, by stepping on a landmine, on his first tour that he was drummed out of the Army after returning. Roy built his body back up and returned to the service after proving himself fit and joined the elite Green Beret's and went back to Vietnam for a second tour for which he received the Medal of Honor.
Hilltop Times has more narrative.

Posted by Richard at February 3, 2010 8:05 AM

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