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February 14, 2010

Two Muslims arrested in Texas on terrorism charges

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According to the FBI the Muslim woman arrested has "explosives and sniper training," and is on the No-Fly List (H/t - Pamela Geller).

Officers took two people into custody: Kimberly Suzanne Al-Homsi, 45, -- who is also known as Asma Al-Homsi -- and Yasinul Alan Ansari, 18. They reportedly told police there was an "incendiary device" in the vehicle.

Al-Homsi was charged with evading arrest, two counts of terroristic threats, and also a prohibited weapons count. Both remained in custody Sunday without bond due to federal holds.

News 8 has learned that Al-Homsi has been under government surveillance and was on the federal "no-fly" list after being involved in a road rage incident in December, 2005.
At that time, she held up an inert grenade and threatened another motorist. The Garland bomb squad found ammunition in her car.

In 2007, the FBI and the Dallas Police Department called Al-Homsi a possible danger. Police say she has explosives and sniper training.

In an exclusive interview with News 8 in 2007, Al-Homsi said she disagreed with U.S. policy in the Middle East.

Much more on the story at NTA.

We've posted on this woman before back in 2007 and I personally don't see her as much more than just a Musim whackjob that, although definitely a threat to society, is not much more than a mentally disturbed jihadi wannabe - without the brains to come in out of a rainstorm.

Creeping Sharia points to another "explosive device" story out of Texas, one from back in January in which a coke-can explosive device and a Koran was found in the street - just another of many under-reported jihad-related stories in that state.

Posted by Abdul at February 14, 2010 5:33 PM

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