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February 19, 2010

Re: Re: Re: Iran Strike, Out

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Regarding the Obama administration's total ineptitude on stopping the Iranian nuclear threat while Canada, France, and even the IAEA are expressing strong concerns - Jennefer Rubin writes:

... we seem to be trailing not only France and Canada on the Iran nuclear issue but also that well-known bastion of neocon aggression, the International Atomic Energy Agency. It appears, unlike the Obami, that the IAEA is willing to concede the obvious...

... the Obami are paralyzed. They show no determination to prevent Iran from moving closer and closer to membership in the nuclear weapons club or to interfere with Iran's efforts to subvert its neighbor Iraq. Israel and its Arab neighbors have reason to be nervous. The Obama administration seems keen on stopping Israel from striking Iran yet indifferent to any action that would halt the emergence of a nuclear-armed Iran bent on regional hegemony and destruction of the Jewish state. One wonders why U.S. lawmakers and Jewish groups aren't more concerned as we sleepwalk into a world with a nuclear-armed revolutionary Islamic state.

Read it all ...

Looks like all that hopey changey, talk-Iran-out-of -their-nukes crap isn't working out so well.

So, are you feeling safe yet?

Posted by Richard at February 19, 2010 8:45 AM

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