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February 23, 2010

It's about to get hotter for AGW hysterics

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Things are about to get a lot hotter for the AGW-pushers in the EPA. Ed Morrissey reports on an exclusive Hot Air interview with Senator James Inhofe in his Senate office to discuss a new report his office will release today ahead of an appearance by EPA administrator Lisa Jackson at an Energy and Public Works Committee hearing:

... Jackson once dismissed the Climategate scandal of the East Anglia CRU as nothing more than a demonstration that some climate scientists "lack interpersonal skills." An initial inquiry by the minority members of the EPW Committee comes to a much different conclusion -- that the e-mails reveal unethical and potentially criminal activities within the IPCC:
  • Obstructing release of damaging data and information;

  • Manipulating data to reach preconceived conclusions;

  • Colluding to pressure journal editors who published work questioning the climate science "consensus"; and

  • Assuming activist roles to influence the political process.
The new report will also include in its findings the scandals of the bogus claims on Himalayan glacier retreat, Amazon rain forest damage, and African crop projections.
Continue reading, here.

AJStrata points to Inhofe's outline of the report, and notes:

It (the report) reviews the CRU emails and data files leaked and reviews how the 'settled' science was all a mirage made by manipulating data, the peer review process and what the IPCC would allow reported.

It then takes an interesting twist about the regulations surrounding federal contracting and grants:

The released CRU emails and documents display potentially unethical, and illegal, behavior. The scientists appear to discuss manipulating data to get their preferred results. On several occasions they appear to discuss subverting the scientific peer review process to ensure that skeptical papers had no access to publication. Moreover, there are emails discussing unjustified changes to data by federal employees and federal grantees.

These and other issues raise questions about the lawful use of federal funds and potential ethical misconduct. Discussed below are brief descriptions of the statutes and regulations that the Minority Staff believe are implicated in this scandal. In our investigation, we are examining the emails and documents and determining whether any violations of these federal laws and policies occurred.

The public trust in spending our tax dollars has been codified over the years in a maze of rules, regulations and laws. They were designed to stop fraud and abuse, but they do apply to all activities.
Two question come to mind; one, as suggested by the title of AJStrata's piece, will the media report on Imhofe's targeting of AGW, or do their usual and ignore it because it conflicts with their agenda; the other, will Imhofe's report make any difference whatsoever to the EPA, or will they do their usual and ignore anything that conflicts with their agenda, as well!

Posted by Abdul at February 23, 2010 9:01 AM

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